Fujinon XA17X7.6BRM-M58B (lens only) – USED


Are you looking for a versatile, high-performance lens to take your video productions to the next level? Then be sure to check out the Fujinon XA17X7.6BRM-M58B HD lens. As a leading maker of professional cinema and broadcast lenses, Fujinon brings its optical expertise to this lightweight, advanced lens designed for both studio and field use.

  • Fujinon XA17X7.6BRM-M58B
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Capture Breathtaking Imagery with the Fujinon XA17X7.6BRM-M58B HD Lens

With a generous 17x zoom range and wide 7.6mm focal length, the XA17X7.6B allows you to capture a diverse range of shots from wide landscapes to tight portraits with smooth zooming and focused backgrounds. The fast T2.9 max aperture maintains exposure brightness through the entire zoom range, giving you more flexibility when shooting in low light conditions.

Advanced Optics for Sharp, Vivid Footage

At the heart of this lens is Fujinon’s renowned optical technology that delivers crisp 4K and HD footage packed with detail and vivid colors. The use of high-precision aspheric elements reduces distortion and aberrations for superior corner-to-corner image quality throughout the zoom range. Fujinon’s proprietary image stabilization keeps footage steady during handheld operation or movement.

Designed for demanding field production, the XA17X withstands tough shooting environments while bringing out the full potential of the latest large-format sensors. This makes it easy to capture stunning footage for documentaries, indie films, broadcast applications and more.

Intuitive Controls and Convenient Features

The XA17X7.6B features a number of controls and functionality to make operation smooth during critical shoots:

  • Wide zoom and focus rings with gear tracks for use with cine-style accessories and rigs
  • Independent three group zoom system for repeatable, controllable operation
  • Focus preset function for quickly shifting between preset focus points
  • Selectable rotation angle and torque to tailor focus and zoom controls to your preference

A detachable drive unit converts the lens between servo and manual operation. The ergonomic digital servo drive unit provides broadcast-level control and sensitivity for precise zoom and focus movements. For manual use, the drive unit can be removed to reduce size and weight. This makes the lens ideal for mounting on gimbals, drones, Steadicam rigs and more.

Designed for Ease of Use

In the field and on set, you need reliable equipment that won’t slow you down. The XA17X7.6B meets this need with features designed for efficient usability:

  • Lightweight, compact design under 6 lbs for portability
  • Moisture resistant construction for outdoor shooting
  • Lens Support Jacket for greater protection during transport
  • Macro function to focus as close as 0.6m for tight shots
  • Distance encoder and 16-bit output for integration with camera and lens data systems

As an ENG-Style lens, the XA17X7.6B pairs nicely with Fujinon’s UA27x broadcast lenses to cover focal lengths from wide angle to telephoto. A uniform front diameter simplifies swapping between lenses.

Trusted Fujinon Quality

With the XA17X7.6B lens, you can rest assured you’re getting the excellent build quality and reliability Fujinon is known for. The lens is assembled and inspected by experienced technicians in Fujinon’s state-of-the-art factory. Only the highest grade materials and components are used, including heat resistant chromate and anti-reflection finishing for robust performance.

For over 50 years, the world’s top broadcasters and cinematographers have relied on Fujinon cinema lenses and optics. This tradition of excellence continues with the XA17X7.6B and the rest of Fujinon’s XA cine zoom lineup.

Experience the difference Fujinon quality makes. Order the XA17X7.6BRM-M58B lens today to take your productions to the next level with gorgeous footage. Trust your creative visions to the outstanding versatility, advanced optics and reliability of the XA17X7.6B HD lens.