Fujinon UA24x7.8BERD with controls – USED


Capture Stunning Broadcast Footage with the Fujinon UA24x7.8BERD full servo zoom and focus:

  • Fujinon UA24x7.8BERD
  • Fujinon SS-13B full servo controls for zoom and focus
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As a professional videographer, you need a lens that delivers pristine 4K image quality, versatile focal lengths, and servo control for smooth studio and field productions. Look no further than the Fujinon UA24x7.8BERD with SS-13B servo controls – an outstanding ENG/EFP lens optimized for 2/3” sensors.

With a generous 24x zoom range, this high-performance lens covers focal lengths from 7.8mm all the way up to 187mm in the 2/3” B4 mount. The impressive 7.8mm wide angle captures expansive landscapes and tight spaces, while the telephoto reach enables intimate close-ups and zooms. No matter the shooting scenario, you’ll get the exact framing you need.

The advanced optics and anti-reflection coating provide corner-to-corner sharpness, minimized flares, and reduced ghosting. You’ll appreciate the neutral color balance with minimal chromatic aberration, ensuring true-to-life video reproduction. Even in 4K, the resolution is stunning across the entire zoom range.

Designed specifically for digital cinematography, the 16-bit precision encoder delivers accurate and repeatable shot framing and focus pulling. The full manual controls allow experienced videographers to manually adjust zoom, focus, and aperture with precision. But when you need automation, you can utilize the optional SS-13B servo zoom and focus controllers.

With the SS-13B system, you get buttery smooth zooms and focus pulls at three adjustable speeds. Program up to 16 presets for quick access to frequently used positions. Focus breathing compensation maintains the framing throughout the focus range. For news, documentaries, and live events, the servo controls enable you to capture professionally executed footage quickly.

  • Additional features of this high-end lens include:
  • Aspherical elements that virtually eliminate distortion and chromatic aberration
  • MOD of 0.95m (3.12 ft) for tight close-up shots
  • Macro capability for extreme close-ups with incredible detail
  • 20-bit encoder for accurate lens data output
  • Ergonomic grip and servo control for balanced handling
  • Weather resistant construction for outdoor broadcast

When your reputation is on the line, you need dependable equipment. Engineered to the highest standard in Japan, Fujinon cine-style lenses deliver optical excellence and robust construction.

Invest in the outstanding UA24x7.8BERS servo zoom lens package and enjoy flawless functionality for years to come. Designed for large sensor 2/3” and Super35 cameras, this lens brings broadcast and digital film quality to your projects.

The Fujinon name guarantees superb color rendition, sharpness, and compression-free zooming and focusing. Combine those optics with the precise SS-13B servo control, and you have a powerful, versatile lens for a wide range of cinematic productions.

Trust Allied Broadcast Group to understand your needs as a professional videographer. Our team of experts listens closely to match you with the right gear for pristine footage every time.

Bring the next-level Fujinon UA24x7.8BERD into your broadcast and film projects. Contact our knowledgeable staff today to discuss how this high-performance lens can meet your video production needs. We’ll make sure you have the perfect tools to showcase your creativity and skill.