Fujinon UA107x8.4BESM-T45 – Open Box


  • UHD UA107X8.4 Box-Type 107x Zoom with OIS
  • ESM-D51B
  • ESM-D52B
  • EFZ-11E
  • EPD-51A-F02
  • MCA-51
  • ERD-50A-D01
Key Features
  • 107x 4K UHD Zoom Lens for 2/3″ Cameras
  • 8.4mm Wide to 900mm Telephoto
  • Built-In 2x Extender
  • f/1.7 Max Aperture at 8.4-340mm
  • 16-Bit Encoder with Lens Data Output
  • OS-TECH Image-Stabilization System
  • Aspherical Elements, Optical Coating
  • Digital 0.7s Quick Zoom Feature
  • Two Shot Preset Zoom/Focus Feature
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The 4K Premier UHD UA107X8.4 Box-Type 107x Zoom with OIS from Fujinon is box-style field lens featuring a high 107x zoom range and 4K optical-quality imaging. This lens has an 8.4-900mm zoom with a 16.8-1800mm range when using the built-in 2x extender. Its OS-TECH optical image stabilization is designed to produce steady shots, even at long ranges, and can be switched on and off. Aspherical elements, a multi-layer lens coating, and extra-low dispersion glass help to produce an optimal image. The 4K Premier UHD UA107X8.4 has a 9-blade iris for attractive bokeh and natural-looking bright objects. Crisp, high resolution images with detailed contrast levels, HDR (high dynamic range), and true blacks are achieved with the use of optical simulation technologies, extra-low dispersion glass, minimization of aberrations, and advanced HT-EBC lens coating.

This versatile box-type 107x zoom includes an array of features for optimal 4K UHD image-capture. With the push of a button, the 0.7 second QUICK ZOOM feature allows the operator to zap into a telephoto shot to check focus, then zoom back out to the original frame. An RS-232 port connects the lens to a PC or other control device. Two-shot presets save the zoom and focus parameters for your chosen position. Additional functions include the FIND self-diagnosing lens electronics system, automatic focus “breathing” compensation, and lens data output for use with virtual/compositing systems. As with all Fujinon field lenses, the 4K Premier UHD UA107X8.4 zoom incorporates a fixed front element to protect the front focus element group while also reducing dust contamination.

Note: A required Servo Control System is included with this lens.
Focal Length Range
The 4K Premier UA107X8.4 Box-Type 107x Zoom features an 8.4mm wide-angle view with a long 107x zoom range up to 900mm; the built-in 2x extender expands the range from 16.8-1800mm
Maximum Relative Aperture
f/1.7 at 8.4-340m, f/4.5 at 900mm
Digital Quick Zoom
The QUICKZOOM feature zooms in with the touch of a button to check focus at a speed of 0.7 seconds
Note: QUICKZOOM requires the use of a servo control system (included)
The OS-TECH optical image stabilization system compensates for vibration, helping to maintain a stable image even while shooting from long distances
Optical Performance
Aspherical elements, a multi-layer lens coating, and extra-low dispersion glass for high optical performance
Additional Features
Automatic focus “breathing” compensation while zooming
FIND self-diagnosing lens electronics function
Integrated 16-bit encoder with lens data output for use with virtual systems
Two-shot preset function