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Take command of focus and zoom with the Fujinon MS-01 – a professional semi-servo lens control kit designed to streamline your ENG/EFP productions and deliver broadcast-ready results.

  • Fujinon MS-01

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Fujinon MS-01 – Elevate Your ENG/EFP Productions with Precision Lens Control

At Allied Broadcast Group, we know that achieving smooth focus pulls and precise zoom control is paramount for professional video productions. The Fujinon MS-01 semi-servo lens control kit empowers you to do just that, offering a complete solution for enhanced precision and operational efficiency.

This comprehensive kit features several key components:

  • SRD-92B Zoom Servo Demand: This electronic control unit seamlessly translates your handheld movements into smooth servo-controlled zoom adjustments, even when your camera is on a tripod.
  • CFH-3 Focus Handle/Grip: The ergonomic design of the focus handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for fine-tuned manual focus adjustments with exceptional precision.
  • FMM-6B Manual Focus Module: This module connects directly to your compatible ENG/EFP lens, ensuring a reliable and responsive connection for precise focus control.

CFC-12-990 Flexible Cable: The flexible cable connects the focus grip to the focus module, offering comfortable maneuverability without compromising control.

Unleash the full potential of your ENG/EFP productions with the Fujinon MS-01. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today and explore how this innovative lens control kit can transform your workflow!