3 Ikegami HC-HD300 Camera Chains- USED

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Ikegami Camera Chains

Package Includes:

(3) lkegami HC-HD 300 Camera
(3) lkegami BSF-300 Digital Base Station
(3) lkegami OCP-10 Control Panel
(3) lkegami T-791 Tripod Mounting Plate
(3) Fujinon 17xsxs4.5BRM Lens
(3) Century Precision 2x Lens Extender
(3) MS-01 Lens Control
(1) Metasetz TLC-U-25 Tally System
(3) Libec LX10-M Tripod
(3) Extra Pan Arm for Libec LX10-M


Ikegami Camera Chains

The Hc-HD300 realizes high quality pictures and advanced functions using intelligent digital techniques nurtured in the HDK series. Furthermore, we succeeded to create a
small, light-weighted camera system whose weight and balance has been sought after for the improvement of the portable camera operation.
– A 16-bit processor produces pictures with a board range of gradation from dark parts to highlight parts.

2.5 Million pixel 3CMOS
A 2.5-million pixel 1/3-inch CMOS sensors are employed to achieve superb picture quality with a horizontal resolution of 1,000 TV lines and an S/N ratio of more than 58dB.
■ Newly developed digital process IC
New digital processing within the camera digitizes not only video signals but also nonlinear image processing used for the white shading correction and Gamma correction. This
achieves high quality pictures, advanced functions, and high reliability with stability

DTL Correction
Includes a horizontal and vertical DTL correction circuit in which red, green and blue video are independently digitally processed.
You can obtain the full resolution HDTV picture quality with little noise even in the standalone VTR shooting.
■ Wideband Digital DTL
Includes an advanced digital DTL circuit to improve reproduction, including texture and sheen. Furthermore, improves richer reproduction of details with little noise in dark
background and details in skin tone.
■ Quick EZ Focus Assist Function
A focus assist area is provided in the VF image to aid the camera operator in finding the focus. The focus assist area can be set to display only when focusing, triggered by manual
or motor drive movement of the lens focus.

Low Center-of-Gravity, Light Weight, and Excellent Balance
Designed with a low center-of-gravity, light weight, and excellent balance, in consideration of the balance when shooting on the shoulder and holding at various angles.
■ On-Line Diagnostics
An on-line diagnostic system enables monitoring the status of circuits including video, control, fiber optic transmission, pulses and power supply. This enables you to always grasp
the status information of the camera.
■ Rotating Camera Cable Connection
Employs a rotating fiber camera cable connector. This enables studio shooting and field shooting at various angles.
■ Return Switch
A switch to choose RET-1 or RET-2 is also equipped on the handle grip of the camera to easily switch when low angle shooting

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