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Looking for a versatile ENG lens that can get you close to the action while providing excellent optical performance? Look no further than the Fujinon HA13x4.5 BERM-M58B. This professional 2/3″ HD lens is ideal for electronic news gathering, sports broadcasts, documentaries and more.

  • Fujinon HA13x4.5 BERM-M58B
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Capture the Action Up Close with the Fujinon HA13x4.5 BERM-M58B ENG Lens

With a powerful 13x zoom range starting at a wide 4.5mm, the HA13x4.5 delivers scenes with incredible depth and coverage. Go from wide panoramic shots to tight close-ups with smooth zooms and focus pulls. The 119mm maximum focal length (238mm with the included 2x extender) gets you closer than ever to the play on the field or the performer on stage.

Despite its long reach, the HA13x4.5 maintains a fast f/1.8 aperture across the entire 4.5mm to 39.2mm range. This allows for exceptional low light shooting and beautiful bokeh. When zoomed all the way in at 59mm, the aperture is still a bright f/2.6 for excellent image quality across the focal range.

Weighing in at just 1.98kg, the HA13x4.5 is easy to handle for long days in the field. The lens is compact at just 95mm in diameter, with a balanced weight distribution for comfortable shoulder-mounted operation. The ergonomic grip, zoom and focus controls are ideally positioned for efficient operation.

Cutting edge optics maximize resolution for rich, detailed 4K and HD footage. Fujinon’s proprietary anti-reflection coatings suppress flare and ghosting. Chromatic aberrations are minimized for improved color reproduction. The lens transmits up to 98.5% of light for bright, vivid images with high contrast.

With a close focusing distance of just 0.59m throughout the entire zoom range, the HA13x4.5 excels at close-up shots. You can fill the frame with a tight shot of a player or get right up on stage with a musical act. The minimum object dimensions range from 750mm x 422mm at the 4.5mm wide end to just 55mm x 31mm when fully zoomed to 59mm.

The advanced servo drive unit provides fast, accurate autofocus and power zoom. Three independent motors deliver smooth zooming, focusing and aperture adjustment. Four customizable zoom and focus speeds allow you to fine tune response to your shooting needs.

When you need to go even closer, snap on the included 2x extender. This instantly doubles the focal length for extreme close ups. The extender is carefully designed to match the optical characteristics and color balance of the lens.

Designed for the demands of field production, the HA13x4.5 excels in challenging shooting environments. The lens is equipped with Fujifilm’s anti-fogging technology to prevent condensation when moving between locations. The lens surface is coated with EM (electro magnetic) shielding to guard against signal interference.

Invest in the Fujinon advantage backed by over 75 years of optical excellence. Experience the power, quality and versatility of the HA13x4.5 BERM-M58B lens on your next broadcast production. Contact our professional sales staff today to discuss how the HA13x4.5 can meet your ENG needs.