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Elevate your video production with the Fujinon ESM-D51B. Enhance zoom accuracy and capture fast-paced action with precision and convenience.

  • Fujinon ESM-D51B
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The Fujinon ESM-D51B is a digital servo module specifically designed for HDTV broadcast lenses. As a trusted name in the professional video equipment industry, Allied Broadcast Group is proud to offer this powerful tool that combines precision, reliability, and convenience for video production professionals.


The ESM-D51B is engineered to enhance zoom accuracy, ensuring that no crucial moment is missed when capturing fast-paced action in high-definition broadcasts. With its seamless integration with RS-232 based remote controllers, this module guarantees precision and consistency for critical and repetitive zoom operations. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to effortless control.


When it comes to sports coverage and live events, every second counts. The ESM-D51B operates at a normal speed, striking the perfect balance between smooth control and rapid response. Whether you’re tracking a decisive goal or capturing the energy of a live concert, this module delivers the performance you need to bring your vision to life.


Speed is of the essence, and the ESM-D51B doesn’t disappoint. With a maximum zoom speed of 1 second, you can swiftly adjust your focus, ensuring that you capture every detail with impeccable precision. You’ll never miss a beat, allowing you to create captivating footage that captivates your audience.


As part of the Fujinon ESM series, the ESM-D51B seamlessly integrates with a range of lenses, providing compatibility and reliability for even the most demanding broadcast scenarios. At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand that every video production professional has unique needs. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of resources, a vast network of partners, and a commitment to finding the right “tool” for you.


Trust in the Fujinon ESM-D51B to elevate your video production capabilities. With its enhanced zoom accuracy, integration with remote controllers, and suitability for sports coverage and live events, this digital servo module is the answer to your professional needs. Discover the power of precision and unlock your creative potential with Allied Broadcast Group.