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Meet the video router designed for an ever-changing broadcast world

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The broadcast video landscape evolves at a breathtaking pace. Formats change, specs change, the very nature of the content you create and distribute changes. Only one thing remains constant – the need for a flexible, scalable video router that can keep up with it all.

Enter the Evertz EQX Router: the most advanced and flexible IP routing platform ever created. With the EQX Router’s industry-leading 576×576 I/O ports and limitless scalability, you’ll instantly get the massive routing power needed for today and tomorrow’s broadcast challenges. No wonder the EQX is the choice of leading broadcasters and media facilities worldwide.

Built on Evertz’s game-changing Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) technology, the EQX gives you so much more than blazing-fast routing. Its modular design and mix-and-match I/O cards allow you to configure and reconfigure ports on the fly through easy software-based control. Add SDI ports when you need them, convert to 12G when 4K demands it, enable ST 2110 IP connectivity – the EQX makes adaptation painless. And Evertz IntelliTrak technology ensures signal tracking and alignment throughout any reconfiguration. You get unrivaled versatility without any disruption to your live operations.

The Power of Evertz SDVN Unleashed

The EQX unlocks the full power of Evertz’s SDVN ecosystem. Its native IP interface allows seamless integration with Evertz IP routing, processing and orchestration solutions, unlocking the benefits of IP without sacrificing your SDI infrastructure. Take control of your video, audio and data routing as never before and build the hybrid IP/SDI facility you need on your timeline.

What’s more, the EQX leverages Evertz’s VistaLINK® Pro SNMP-based control and orchestration platform. That means easy integration of third-party systems and services to streamline and automate your entire workflow. You gain both flexibility and efficiency.

Scale Your Routing on Your Terms

With the EQX Router, Evertz puts you in control of your facilities growth. Start with the I/O size you need today, then dynamically scale up as your port requirements increase – all within the same chassis. Support for I/O modules with up to 144 ports per frame enables massive growth from just 576×576 to over 2300×2300 in a single chassis.

EQX also supports Multi-Frame configurations for virtually unlimited routing capacity. Simply add additional EQX chassis and management frames as you expand, using Evertz’s easy-to-configure Distributed MultiFrame system. Capacity and signal-sharing options once only dreamed of are now at your fingertips.

Unleash the Potential of Your Video Network

The EQX Router brings unprecedented flexibility, scalability and efficiency to your broadcast operations. Built on Evertz’s industry-leading SDVN platform and backed by their unrivaled service and support, the EQX gives you the power to adapt your workflow on the fly. Meet the demands for higher bandwidth, more formats, and complex IP workflows with ease. And unlock the full potential of your entire video network.

Take the first step now and contact the video experts at Allied Broadcast Group. Let us show you how the EQX can provide the robust routing capabilities you need while giving you the agility to face whatever the future brings. The broadcast world moves fast; with the Evertz EQX in your facility, you will stay steps ahead.