EVERTZ EQX 288×288 Router- USED

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This was in a working remote truck, It was recently determined two crosspoint cards may be defective.  This has not been confirmed, however Evertz says it may require  a full upgrade to fully fix the problem and support it.  All other boards and functions appear to be working. This would make a great parts back-up unit for the right buyer.

We also have many other CP remote panels, accessories, and Evertz parts.



288 x 288 EQX HD ROUTER:16RU Frame supporting both HD, SD, DVB ASIvideo formats with front access modular designexpandable in blocks of 18 inputs or outputs to288x288 . Includes connectivity from router todisplay processor modules using X-Link technology. X-Link allows router and MVPX & VIPX modules tobe connected via high-density cable, max length 3meters.(Provides
9 Xlink output connections each carrying32 output signals) 1EQX16-18X18H-XLINK18 input, 18 output HD-SDI/SD-SDI/ASI
router(3Mb/s-1.5Gb/s includes 16RU frame, 1 framecontroller, 1 crosspoint board, includes I/O .

The EQX16 platform is a completely passive frame where all active components can be swapped. This makes it a high performance system that can be easily expanded to incorporate new technologies growing with your company needs and industry demands. EQX16 can be configured for many different environments; it supports 288×288 video IO with optional path-by-path redundancy, and it can even scale to 288×576 video IO. The EQX16-FRHBX-XL3 provides additional outputs via 27x XLINK connections for penalty free multiviewing; well suited for network and local broadcasters, mobile production, mobile flight packs, cable, military, government and corporate applications.

18 Input HD/SDI/ASI Module
18 Output HD/ASI Module
Additional Power Supply Module
Additional Power Supply Module
1RU Frame for Power Supply Modules (holds up to 4EQX-PS modules)
Xlink Crosspoint Module
Redundant Crosspoint Module
Redundant Controller Module
Additional Power Supply Module