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In the world of professional video production, adaptability is key. The Evertz CP-1000E isn’t just a control panel; it’s your chameleon in the rack. With 256 virtual buttons that transform at your command, it’s the ultimate tool for conquering the ever-changing landscape of video routing. Don’t just keep up with the pace of production—set it with the CP-1000E.

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The Evertz CP-1000E control panel is a revolutionary tool designed for video production professionals who need flexibility and efficiency in their workflow. This 1RU rack-mountable panel features 16 dynamic LCD buttons, each capable of displaying up to three rows of five-character text or graphics. With 256 virtual buttons at your fingertips, the CP-1000E allows you to customize your control setup for various tasks, making it ideal for environments with frequently changing requirements, such as OB trucks.

Our team understands that in the fast-paced world of video production, time is of the essence. That’s why we love the engineered the CP-1000E with a menu-driven structure that enables quick navigation through your system. As you switch between menus, the button functions and legends adapt instantly, providing intuitive access to the tools you need. The programmable button illumination in red, green, or yellow with adjustable intensity ensures clear visual feedback on button status, reducing the risk of errors during critical moments.

The CP-1000E also offers advanced features like button-per-source selection with page mode for extensive source options, a LOCK button to prevent accidental selections, and a joystick override for precise camera control. Whether you’re using it for direct router control via Qlink or as part of our Magnum Router Control system over Ethernet, the CP-1000E is your gateway to streamlined video routing and control.