Evertz 5601MSC – USED


Whether you’re running a broadcast station, live production truck, or high-end post house, the Evertz 5601MSC provides the reliable, high-performance timing foundation your operation demands.

  • Evertz 5601MSC


The Reliable Heartbeat for Your Production Facility

As a professional video production team, you know the importance of a rock-solid sync and timing solution to keep your entire facility running smoothly. That’s where the Evertz 5601MSC excels – serving as the reliable master sync pulse generator and high-precision clock for even the most demanding broadcast and post-production environments.

Boasting an exceptional frequency stability of better than 0.01 parts per million, the 5601MSC provides the utmost accuracy and reliability you can count on. Its temperature-controlled oscillator ensures rock-solid sync timing, with less than 1 millisecond of daily drift. This guarantees your entire facility, from cameras to monitors to switchers, stay perfectly synced and in time – no matter how long the equipment runs.

But the 5601MSC is more than just a sync generator. It also functions as a versatile master clock, with a range of timing outputs to sync your entire workflow. From LTC and IRIG timecodes, to word clock, subcarrier, and PPS signals – the 5601MSC has you covered. And with optional GPS or GLONASS integration, you can easily lock your facility to global time standards for seamless multi-site productions.

Intuitive and easy to operate, the 5601MSC simplifies complex timing and sync challenges. Its user-friendly front panel allows quick access to all settings and status information. Plus, with remote control and monitoring capabilities, you can manage the 5601MSC from anywhere in your facility.