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Achieve Flawless Synchronization with the Evertz 5600MSC Master Sync and Clock Generator

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the critical role of perfect timing in professional video production. Introducing the Evertz 5600MSC Master Sync and Clock Generator, a powerful and reliable solution for ensuring seamless synchronization across your entire workflow. The 5600MSC combines a broadcast-quality master sync pulse generator (SPG) and a master clock into a single, convenient unit. This eliminates the need for separate devices, simplifying your setup and saving valuable rack space.

  • Evertz 5600MSC
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Unmatched Stability and Precision

The cornerstone of the 5600MSC is its exceptional stability. Equipped with a high-precision, temperature-controlled oscillator, the unit delivers a frequency reference exceeding 0.5 x 10-9 (0.005ppm). This translates to a free-running drift of less than 0.1Hz per day, ensuring your video and audio signals remain perfectly in sync, even over extended periods.

For applications demanding even greater stability, the 5600MSC allows referencing to an external 5MHz or 10MHz master oscillator. Additionally, the optional GPS synchronization ensures your system aligns with the world’s most accurate timekeeping standard, ideal for broadcast or mission-critical projects.

Versatile Output Options for Every Need

The 5600MSC’s SPG section offers unparalleled flexibility. It features two banks of three BNC outputs, configurable to provide:

  • 6 independently timed color black (black burst) outputs: Ideal for synchronizing video equipment within your studio.
  • 6 independently timed HDTV tri-level sync outputs: Perfectly suited for driving modern high-definition displays.
  • A combination of 3 black burst and 3 tri-level sync outputs: Offering maximum flexibility to cater to your specific workflow.

Furthermore, each black burst output can be optionally embedded with vertical interval time code (VITC) on user-defined lines, providing additional time reference information for your recording or editing software.

Experience the Allied Broadcast Group Difference

At Allied Broadcast Group, we’re committed to providing you with the right tools for the job. The Evertz 5600MSC is a perfect example of our commitment to quality and performance. Our team of broadcast experts is here to answer any questions you may have and help you configure the 5600MSC to seamlessly integrate into your existing setup.

Contact us today to discuss your specific synchronization needs and discover how the Evertz 5600MSC can elevate your productions to the next level.