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Experience the power of transformation with the DaySequerra Mono2Stereo DTS Synthesizer. Unlock the full potential of your mono content and immerse your audience in a wide, natural, and spectrally balanced stereo soundscape. Elevate your audio mixes to new heights with this industry-leading synthesizer.

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The DaySequerra Mono2Stereo DTS Synthesizer is designed to address the unique challenges faced by engineers in delivering top-notch audio mixes in live sports surround sound environments. With its innovative DTS proprietary algorithm, this four-channel synthesizer takes mono content and transforms it into a wide soundstage with stunning stereo quality, free from any artifacts.

One of the key features of the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer is its ability to independently process four stereo channels of audio simultaneously from both digital and analog equipment. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate the synthesizer into your existing setup, enhancing your workflow and efficiency.

Setting up the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer is a breeze, thanks to its user presets. These presets simplify the setup process and allow for easy recall of your favorite settings, ensuring consistency in your mixes. Say goodbye to tedious adjustments and hello to a streamlined workflow.

To maintain the desired output threshold level, the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer is equipped with a fast-responding limiter. This ensures that your audio remains at the optimal level, providing a professional and polished sound.

Additionally, the synthesizer features built-in low shelf and high shelf filters. These filters are invaluable tools for compensating for microphone frequency response and tailoring the overall mix balance to perfection. With the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer, you have complete control over the sonic characteristics of your audio.

The DaySequerra Mono2Stereo DTS Synthesizer boasts full-time 24-bit Analog-to-Digital, Digital-to-Analog, and Sample Rate Conversion capabilities. This ensures pristine audio quality throughout the signal chain, maintaining the integrity of your sound.

Let’s take a closer look at the inputs and outputs of the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer. It offers four AES PCM inputs, providing seamless integration with your digital equipment. Additionally, there is one AES-3 or AES-11 SYNC input for synchronization purposes. For those who prefer analog equipment, the synthesizer also offers four balanced analog inputs with the Analog Option.

On the output side, the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer provides four AES PCM outputs, allowing you to connect to various devices in your setup. It also features one AES-3 or AES-11 SYNC pass-through for convenient synchronization. If you opt for the Analog Option, you’ll have four balanced analog outputs at your disposal.

The I/O interface of the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer includes AES/EBU, 75 ohm, unbalanced BNC connections. For those who prefer balanced analog connections, there is an option to utilize the DB-25 TASCAM format cable.

When it comes to sample rate, the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer supports a range of 32kHz to 96kHz, ensuring compatibility with various audio sources. With a latency of less than 1msec at a 48kHz sample rate, you can be confident in the real-time processing capabilities of this synthesizer.

The A to D/D to A performance of the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer is truly remarkable. With its 24-bit delta/sigma ADC converter, it delivers exceptional dynamic range and low distortion. The synthesizer achieves a dynamic range of 140dB DR/135dB THD+N for digital input/output and 105dB SNE/0.0015% THD+N for analog input/output.

In today’s digital age, connectivity is key. That’s why the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer is equipped with an Ethernet port, allowing for convenient field software updates. Stay up to date with the latest features and enhancements, ensuring that your synthesizer is always performing at its best.

The compact and sleek design of the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer makes it a perfect fit for any professional setup. With dimensions of 1 RU, 19″ (482mm) W x 8″ (203mm) L x 1.75″ (44mm) H, and weighing just 7 lb (3.2kg), it is both space-saving and portable.

Rest assured that the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer is built to withstand the demands of professional use. With its convection cooling system, it operates flawlessly inconvection coded environments, with an operating temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. It is designed to comply with FCC Class A, Part 15 regulations in North America and is also compliant with LV Directive 73/23/EEC and EMC Directive 89/336/EEC in Europe, carrying the CE Mark [EN 55022 Class A, EN55024]. Additionally, it is RoHS and WEEE compliant, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The power supply of the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer is designed for convenience and versatility. It features an auto-sensing capability, accommodating voltages ranging from 100-240v and frequencies of 50-60Hz. The EMI suppressed male IEC320 connector ensures a reliable and stable power connection.

The options available for the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer include a balanced analog I/O via the TASCAM interface. This option further expands the connectivity possibilities, allowing you to integrate the synthesizer seamlessly into your analog setup.

The applications for the Mono2Stereo Synthesizer are vast and varied. Whether you’re working in ingest, head-end, uplinks, or post-production, this synthesizer is a valuable tool that will enhance your audio workflow and deliver exceptional results.

In conclusion, the DaySequerra Mono2Stereo DTS Synthesizer is a game-changer for video production professionals. With its innovative technology, versatile connectivity options, and impeccable audio performance, it is the go-to solution for transforming mono content into a captivating stereo experience. Allied Broadcast Group is proud to offer this exceptional synthesizer, backed by our commitment to providing helpful information, showcasing our expertise, and being your trusted partner in the professional video equipment industry. Elevate your audio mixes and unlock the full potential of your content with the DaySequerra Mono2Stereo DTS Synthesizer.