ClearCom MS-702 Main Station – USED


Enhance Teamwork and Streamline Communication with the ClearCom MS-702 Main Station

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the challenges of maintaining clear and efficient communication in production environments, especially in houses of worship, theaters, schools, and other mid-sized venues. The MS-702 is the solution! Boasting a 2-channel powerhouse, supporting up to 40 beltpacks, 12 headset stations, or 10 speaker stations simultaneously. This versatility allows you to tailor the system to your specific needs, ensuring everyone on your team has seamless access to clear communication.

  • ClearCom MS-702 Main Station


Built for Confidence and Reliability

We know that flawless communication is paramount during productions. The MS-702 prioritizes this with features like automatic short-circuit protection. This safeguards the system from electrical issues, preventing unexpected downtime and ensuring smooth operation throughout your event.

Crystal-Clear Audio and Intuitive Design

The MS-702 boasts exceptional audio quality thanks to its advanced speech-shaping circuitry. This technology enhances intelligibility, even in noisy environments. Additionally, the intuitive plug-and-play design allows for quick setup, minimizing valuable pre-production time.

Seamless Collaboration Features

The MS-702 goes beyond basic communication. A global remote mic kill switch empowers you to mute open mics instantly, eliminating unwanted background noise. Visual and audible call signaling ensures clear communication and reduces the risk of missed messages. The A&B Link control facilitates partyline functionality, allowing for efficient communication across different teams.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

For added comfort and flexibility, the MS-702 features a built-in speaker, enabling you to monitor audio without needing headphones. This is ideal for situations where constant headphone use might be impractical.

Allied Broadcast Group: Your Trusted Partner in Production Communication

At Allied Broadcast Group, we’re passionate about equipping you with the right tools to elevate your productions. Our team of experts is here to help you understand how the ClearCom MS-702 can integrate seamlessly into your workflow and address your specific communication needs. We offer extensive resources and a vast network of partners to ensure you have the support you need throughout the entire process.

Contact us today to discuss the MS-702 and discover how it can transform your production communication!