Canon XJ86x9.3BIE2 IESD-SB – USED


Take your videos to the next level with Canon’s new XJ86x9.3BIE2 IESD-SB box lens.

  • XJ86x9.3BIE2 IESD-SB
  • FDJ-D12 w/ CR-30 clamp
  • SMJ-D02
  • ZDJ-D02
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Canon’s new XJ86x9.3BIE2 IESD-SB Box Lens brings the latest innovations in optical design, image stabilization and video capabilities in a powerful, versatile lens perfect for broadcasting, sports, documentary and filmmaking applications. This advanced box style ENG/EFP lens features a wide 9.3-930mm focal range, fast f/1.7 maximum aperture and some of Canon’s most advanced technologies packed into its rugged body.

Covering an extremely broad 29x zoom range, the XJ86x9.3BIE2 provides the focal length versatility needed for diverse shooting scenarios. The wide end starts at 9.3mm for breathtaking wide-angle shots while the long 930mm telephoto reach enables tight shots of distant subjects. A built-in 2x extender effectively doubles the focal length, allowing you to get even closer to the action when needed.

With a bright constant f/1.7 aperture, this lens delivers exceptional low light performance and pleasing background blur for artistic shots. Advanced coatings suppress flare, ghosting and chromatic aberration for crisp, clean video and digital cinema production. Canon’s renowned Dual Floating Focus Mechanism provides fast, accurate autofocus and the advanced 18-blade iris creates attractive bokeh in out-of-focus areas.

Cutting-edge built-in Optical Image Stabilizer technology provides up to four stops of stabilization for stable video when shooting handheld or from unstable platforms. Canon’s proprietary Drive Unit significantly reduces image shift and vibrations during rapid panning and tilting movements.

Designed for 4K and HDR production, the XJ86x9.3BIE2 resolves fine details and reproduces colors faithfully. With a rugged, reliable build quality and weather/dust sealing, it stands up to heavy professional use in the field. Additional features include a versatile zoom/focus preset function, programmable buttons and an intuitive control system with servo/manual zoom and focus.

This state-of-the-art box lens puts phenomenal wide-angle 4K video, pinpoint focus and rock-steady image stabilization in a powerful, durable unit perfect for sports, live events, documentaries, TV shows, commercials and cinema capture. For filmmakers, broadcasters and videographers who demand the very best optics for both field and studio productions, the Canon XJ86x9.3BIE2 IESD-SB Box Lens delivers the advanced features and technologies needed to take your video to the next level.