Canon KJ10ex4.5B IASE A- USED


This lens has recently been serviced and is in excellent working and physical condition. If you’re looking for a great quality lens at the right price, this Canon KJ10 is perfect for you!

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The Canon KJ10ex4.5B IASE A 2/3″ Portable ENG 10x Zoom Lens is a portable HDTV production lens within the 1/2-inch image format sector of the HDgc family. This particular lens delivers a generous range of focal lengths from 4.5 to 90mm with the built-in 2x extender and a wide field of view of almost 62 degrees horizontal in a lightweight (4 lbs) mobile package.

The KJ10ex4.5B utilizes computer-aided design techniques to produce a very wide-angle HDTV lens. It is a design directly responding to the expressed creative desires of broadcasters and HD producers for more versatility in an HD acquisition system. The KJ10ex4.5B represents a compromise between the demands for mobility in a handheld HDTV camera system and the high imaging performance requirements for HDTV production. The KJ10ex4.5B has a high MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) over the entire image plane, minimization of chromatic aberrations, and maximization of image contrast. Relative light distribution was optimized for the more open aperture settings and this uniformity of brightness across the image plane combines with the high contrast and picture sharpness to produce crisp and clear HD pictures.

Lens Design

  • Aspheric lens optics utilizing Flourite and Hi-UD glass with multilayer coating for sharp clear images and improved resolution corner to corner
  • Internal foucs for constant lens volume
  • Materials and substances potentially harmful to the environment are avoided in the lens construction