Canon HJ17ex7.6B IRSE ENG Lens- USED


This Canon HJ17 is in excellent physical and working condition with minimal signs of usage. All of our lenses are QC’d once they get to our shop for customer reassurance. We have an abundance of ENG and Box lenses right now so call or email us today for more details!


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Canon HJ17ex7.7B IRSE

The Canon HJ17ex7.7  is a high quality wide angle 17x zoom lens for professional 2/3″ remote video cameras. This model is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of professional applications, including teleconferencing, distance learning, and specialized broadcasting including sports coverage. The focal-length range is 7.7-131mm with a minimum object distance of 2.0′ (0.6 m). Additionally, the lens comes equipped with a manually operated 2x extender which can be coupled with an external control unit.

Video Conferencing Remote Control

The HJ17ex7.7 ITS-ME can fit a remotely controlled and monitored pan and tilt system. This lens is particularly suited for the highest quality industrial cameras, as well as high definition broadcast including sports coverage.

High Definition Ready

Many high definition cameras are hamstrung by insufficient optics. Electronic Field Production (EFP) lenses traditionally have been built to accommodate standard definition. This lens is designed specifically with high definition in mind. The optics increase fidelity, making sure HD footage is crystal clear.

Improved Image Quality

The lens element design greatly reduces aberrations and image distortions. These advances contribute to more balanced imaging from center to edge throughout the aperture range.

Integrated 2x Extender

For instant close-up images the lens has a switch that inserts an element that doubles the focal length at any point in the zoom range. Instead of using the zoom function the extender gives immediate close up images.

Internal Focus for Ultimate Versatility

The Canon HJ17ex7.7 ITS-ME is made for the highest quality professional video cameras. The front lens element is stationary and can be used with a matte box for greater lens flair protection as well as a wide array of square and rectangular filters.
Square hood reduces flares and ghosting.
Quiet and fast servo control of zoom, focus and iris.
An External Extender Control Unit is optionally available.