#ABGTR-24E New 24ft Trailer, with New Sony Cams, Ross Carbonite, Ross Xpression, Simply Live Replay, and RTS Intercom

Call for Price

All Gear is changeable to fit budgets and requirements!

  • 24ft Trailer
    • 24 Ft Tandem Axle Trailer 
    • 8-1/2ft Wide, 7ft Ceiling Height
    • Fully Enclosed (No Rear Door)
    • (2) 32in Side Entrance Door with Locking Cam-Bars
      • Production Room Entry Door
      • Audio Room Entry Door
      • Pocket Door between Audio and Production
    • (3) Racks
      • 42RU Main Rack – With work lights, power strip, and access panels
      • 12RU Tape Equipment Rack
      • 12RU Audio Equipment Rack
    • I/O Panel : Lighted 10RU with Lockable Door Latch
    • 100 Amp Power with Mini CamLock
    • Daikin Mini Split – 2 1/2 Tons (1 Ton / 1 1/2 Ton) on front of trailer with metal cover plates
    • (5) Samsung LED UHD Monitors – Wall Mounted
      • (1) 43″ in Audio
      • (4) 50″ in Production
  • Cameras
    • (6) Sony HDC-3100, 1080p Cameras
    • (6) Sony HDCU-3100 CCUs
      • Single Mode Fiber Option Board Available
    • (6) Canon KJ20x Lenses with 2x, Semi-Servo with Controls
    • (6) HDVF-L750 Studio VFs
    • (2) HDVF-EL20 ENG VFs
    • (6) RCP-3500
    • (6) Cartoni Focus 22 Tripods
    • (6) Thermodyne Camera Cases
  • Production
    • Ross Carbonite Ultra, 2 M/E, 4k Switcher
      • 24 input, 14 output in 1080p (18 input, 10 output in 4k Mode)
      • 2 Multiviewers
    • Ross TD2S Control Panel
      • 25 Button 2 M/E Panel with Dashboard Touchscreen
    • Ross Ultrix Router
      • 2 RU Frame
      • Populated 32×32 (Max 64×64)
    • Ross Xpression
      • 2RU Xpression Hardware
      • 3 Channel Xpression Software with Datalinq
    • Simply Live R8 Replay
      • 8 SDI 3G I/O (6in, 2out)
  • Audio
    • Intercom
      • RTS Odin 32
        • (6) KP-3016
      • RTS PS-20
        • (6) BP-325
    • Audio Production
      • Allen & Heath SQ-5 96kHz 48 Channel/36 Bus Digital Mixer
        • Allen & Heath AH-M-SQ-SDANTE64-A 64 x 64 SQ Dante Card
        • Allen & Heath AR2412 Remote Audio Rack


You asked, we listened! Allied Broadcast Group Mobile Production Trailers were designed by industry professionals for industry professionals. The Allied Broadcast Group ABGTR 24ft Mobile Production Trailer is a high-tech mobile production unit designed for live broadcast events. With 24 feet of interior space, it is a larger option than the ABGTR 16ft trailer, allowing for even more advanced equipment and a more spacious production area with a separate audio room.

The ABGTR 24ft trailer can be equipped with the latest in video and audio technology, including multiple HD camera setups, advanced audio mixing consoles, graphics, replay, and switching. It also features a more spacious interior, making it an ideal choice for live sports events, concerts, corporate presentations, and more.

The interior of the trailer is divided into several functional areas, including a spacious production area that can accommodate up to seven people. The area is designed for maximum comfort and productivity, featuring air conditioning, comfortable seating, and a range of amenities to ensure a smooth production process.

The ABGTR 24ft trailer is also equipped with a power management system that ensures the safe and reliable operation of all equipment, even in challenging outdoor environments. It is built to withstand mobile production and is fully self-contained, making it an ideal choice for remote locations and outdoor events.

In terms of mobility, the ABGTR 24ft trailer can be towed by a standard pickup truck and can be set up quickly and easily, allowing for a fast deployment and turnaround time. Overall, the Allied Broadcast Group ABGTR 24ft Mobile Production Trailer is a top-of-the-line solution for live event broadcasting, offering unmatched capabilities and reliability for any type of event.