3 Ikegami Camera Studio Package- USED


Package Includes:

  • Ikegami HDK-77EX Camera Heads- qty 2
  • Ikegami HDS-V10 Camera Head 
  • Ikegami HLM-1704WR Studio Monitor- qty 3
  • Ikegami OCP-200- qty 3
  • Ikegami HLM-904WR Color Monitor- qty 3
  • Ikegami BS-89 CCU- qty 2
  • Ikegami CopperHead CH3200 Base Station
  • Fujinon XA20x8.5BMD-DSD with controls- qty 2


High Definition Portable CCD Camera System
Full Digital Processing with New Generation ASICs
14bit A/D Conversion
Low Power Consumption (28W)
Affordable high performance camera system with
a new BS-89 compact half rack base station
CCD : IT 2/3″ 2,200,000 pixel (1080i) ✕ 3
Sens. : f10/ 2000 lx
S/N : 54dB

2/3-inch 2,200,000-pixel 1080i IT CCD image sensors are employed to achieve superb picture quality with a horizontal resolution of 1,000 lines and a S/N ratio of 56dB.

Using a down converter incorporated in the CCU as standard, the (HDK-75EX) can be operated as a high-end NTSC studio camera. A high sampling frequency of 28.64MHz achieves maximum resolution of 900 TV lines in the NTSC format. Both HDTV video and SDTV (NTSC) are provided simultaneously from the CCU and in both digital and analog form. Monitoring video signals (WFM and PM) are likewise provided in both HDTV and SDTV to adapt to different system installations and to permit continued use of conventional monitoring.

Incorporating a next-generation digital process ASIC

Using a full digital process ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), precision designed at 0.18um rule, the video signals are digitalized with 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital processing (quantization).

A detail correction system, including digitally processed horizontal, vertical and diagonal correction signal for red, green and blue video, is incorporated into the camera head, and obtains noise-free full resolution HDTV picture quality even if the camera is used in stand-alone configuration.

With Independent DTL system in the CCU, the type and amount of compensation can be optimized for the different requirements of HDTV and SDTV.

Sophisticated features made possible with digital technologies

Next-generation digital process ASIC (0.18μm design rule)

Six-axis + Two-axis Color Corrector

Includes a color correction function that enables hue and saturation to be adjusted for each of the six primary colors (R, G, B, Cy, Y, Mg), plus another function to make color correction of two user-selected colors of the subject.

Improved sensuous expressions such as texture and sheen, and richer reproduction of details in skin tone in dark backgrounds.

The Knee system makes corrections without changing the hue of the highlighted parts and produces a more natural highlight appearance, rather than washing it out.

Ikegami is at the forefront of the DTV-HDTV revolution with leading-edge products that deliver unsurpassed image quality, revolutionary workflow advantages, and affordability. Ikegami, the pioneer in tapeless cameras, continues its leadership role with a dramatic extension of its product line. The is a collaborative refinement of tapeless products, taking full advantage of today’s state-of-the-art flash memory technology. Ikegami can provide the solutions you need to succeed in the new era of DTV, HDTV, and digital video content creation.