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Do you have unwanted and unused broadcast equipment? Have you been wanting someone to buy, broker, consign your used broadcast equipment for you? Do you want to turn your gear into cash? Here at Allied Broadcast Group we have three ways to sell your stuff. We can buy or purchase it outright, broker it for you by listing it, or consign with our office. Whether it’s one item or many items, our marketing and advertising will gain you exposure to thousands of industry professionals.Our systems and procedures will provide extra service and protection for all parties. Check these deals out yourself at or call a sales representative today at 918-250-5353.


These three ways to selling your new and used equipment is what sets up apart from the competition. When you call or inquiry about a piece of equipment, our sales staff will give you the option to buy, broker, or consign it. To be able to do this, you need to have excellent customer service. This is another thing that sets Allied apart from the other used broadcast equipment dealers. All of the staff here are trained professionals who are always wanting to provide our customer with the service they need and deserve.


The three ways to selling stuff that we do here at Allied can be easily explained. The first option is to buy your gear outright if we think we can sell it. The advantage to this option is you get paid immediately and we take the product off your hands. The second option is to broker your piece. You, the seller, would retain physical possession of your equipment and provide Allied with descriptions, specifications, and pictures for marketing and promotion purposes. You package and ship the product when Allied has a buyer and we keep an agreed upon commission. The third option is to consign which means we would have physical possession of your item but we will provide all descriptions, specifications, and pictures for marketing purpose. Once it is sold, Allied will take a commission and you get to keep the rest.


These unique processes to selling equipment is something that sets up apart from other businesses like ours. It took years of experience to perfect these options which means our sales staff are very knowledgeable about which option would work best for your product. This is one quality that gets us the most praise from past customers than anything else. You can read our great reviews on Google about the services we provide or on our FaceBook page!


We like to do things a little different here at Allied by giving our customers three options to doing business; buy, broker, consign. We can buy it outright, advertise it for you on our website until we find a buyer, or take all of the hassle of your hands and send you a check once it’s sold. This has given us great customer service brownie points and high reviews on social media. Our customers know they have these options and feel safe asking our sales staff which option would work best for their piece of equipment. Be sure to Like and Follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, and Youtube. Also, check out our website at or give us a call at 918-250-5353 today!


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