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Do you need professional video gear? Are you wanting an alternative to purchasing equipment
outright? Have you tried renting before and you didn’t have the best experience? If you
answered yes to any of these questions then we want to help! Allied Broadcast Group is
pleased to announce we are now offering equipment rentals!

Allied Rental Services gives you the chance to test equipment and see what you like before
committing to buying it. This is a win win for our customers because if you don’t like the
equipment you can give it back to us with a small rental fee. If you do like the equipment and
want to purchase it, you will get a discount for using it as a rental item first. Our goal for offering
rentals is to be able to provide our customers with a wide range of equipment they normally
wouldn’t have access too.

The first step to being able to rent our equipment is finding the gear that you need. Right now
our catalog has all the essentials on it. This includes Cameras, Audio and Intercom
Accessories, Lenses, Production Equipment, and Camera Support. We have a little bit of
everything available for rent. Please note that the catalog is subject to change without notice at
any given time.

The second step is to contact us! You can do that by giving us a call or sending us a quick
email. We will walk you through the process, send the appropriate paperwork, and work on
getting you the equipment you’ve requested. There is a small renting fee but nothing that we
can’t work with you on. Ultimately we are here to provide you with the gear you need for
whatever job you’re working on.

We want to make our rental process a very easy and quick one so we can get our customers
the gear they need. This rental service is a long time coming. We have seen an increase in the
need for rentals due to COVID-19. We noticed people were doing smaller jobs and only needing
equipment for short periods of time. This is one thing we’ve been able to roll out since the
pandemic and hope we can help our customers in need.

The bottom line is we have what you need! Everything in our rental catalog is also available for
sale. If you see something you need please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone
call. Also be sure to follow us on social media! We have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a YouTube channel.

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