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Do you need professional video gear? Are you looking for a company you can trust? Have you
tried buying equipment from the other guys and had a bad experience? If you answered yes to
any of these questions then we are here to help! Allied Broadcast Group has been a leader in
our industry for over ten years now with great reputation from customers and other companies.
This is why we are rolling out Allied Certified Products.

What does Allied Certified Products mean? All this means is that we are certifying our inventory
to be in the best working condition for our customers. If you purchase an Allied Certified Product
it means we have backed that product 100% and can assure you it is in the best working
condition. Allied Certified Products also mean we have this in our inventory so if purchased it’s
leaving straight from our office.

There are three things you get when you purchase an Allied Certified Product: 30-day warranty,
72 hour inspection period, and the product has been bench tested. We have so much faith in
our products that we are giving you a 30 day warranty! This is something companies in our
industry do not offer, especially on used equipment. If by chance there is something wrong with
the equipment, which hasn’t happened yet, you have 72 hours to report it to us. If that happens
we will take back the product and send you another one. The last point to a product being Allied
Certified is that the product has been bench tested by broadcast professionals. This means that
the gear was sent to someone else and checked for functionality.

All of our Allied Certified Products are listed on our website and will have a Blue A in the top left
hand corner. If you don’t see the Blue A then that product is not Allied Certified. Reminder that
we have tons of brokered and consigned equipment on our website so not all of them will be
Allied Certified. Reach out to us if you see something on our website that you need or want.

Also be sure to follow us on social media! We have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a YouTube channel.

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