Yamaha 02R96VCM – USED


Allied Broadcast Group knows that having the right tools is essential for video production success. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Yamaha 02R96VCM, a digital mixing console designed to meet the demanding needs of professional video producers.

Building on the legacy of the highly respected 02R series, the 02R96VCM delivers exceptional audio quality, flexible routing, and powerful features – all in a compact and user-friendly design.

  • Yamaha 02R96VCM


The Yamaha 02R96VCM: A Powerful and Versatile Digital Mixing Console for Professionals

Here’s what makes the 02R96VCM a standout choice for your video production workflow:

  • Uncompromising Audio Performance: Experience pristine 24-bit/96kHz audio processing and high-performance head amps derived from Yamaha’s top-of-the-line DM2000 console.

  • Exceptional Mixing Capacity: Handle complex productions with ease thanks to 56 input channels, 18 mixing buses, and a versatile selection of channel functions like EQ, compression, and delay – all available at 96kHz.

  • Intuitive Control Surface: The 02R96VCM features a familiar layout with 25 touch-sensitive 100mm motor faders, dedicated encoders, and a clear LCD screen for easy access to critical parameters.

  • Surround Sound Production: Create immersive surround sound experiences with features like a surround panning joystick, downmix processing, and surround-compatible effects.

  • Seamless DAW Integration: Integrate seamlessly with your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for streamlined recording and mixing workflows. The 02R96VCM includes pre-configured control surfaces for popular DAWs like Pro Tools and Nuendo.

  • Expandable I/O: Four MY card slots provide extensive connectivity options for analog and digital audio formats, allowing you to customize the console to fit your specific needs.

  • VCM Technology: Get that warm, analog sound you love with Yamaha’s innovative Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology. VCM recreates the sonic characteristics of classic analog compressors, EQs, tape decks, and stomp boxes, providing a wealth of creative options.

  • iSSP Technology: Craft realistic and immersive soundscapes with Yamaha’s iSSP (Interactive Spatial Sound Processing) technology. iSSP offers unparalleled control over sound field positioning and source movement, perfect for creating professional-sounding surround productions.

  • REV-X Reverb: Achieve stunning depth and realism in your reverbs and ambiences with the advanced REV-X algorithm.

The 02R96VCM is a powerful and versatile digital mixing console that empowers video professionals to achieve exceptional audio results. With its intuitive controls, outstanding audio quality, and wide range of features, the 02R96VCM is a valuable asset for any production studio.

Contact Allied Broadcast Group today to learn more about the Yamaha 02R96VCM and how it can elevate your video productions to the next level. Our knowledgeable sales team is here to help you find the right tools and expert advice to ensure your success.