Wohler iAM-MIX16 – USED


At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the demands of fast-paced video productions. You need tools that are flexible, adaptable, and keep you in complete control of your audio. That’s why we’re excited to offer the Wohler iAM-MIX16, a 16-channel mixing audio monitor designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow and streamline your monitoring experience.

  • Wohler iAM-MIX16


Wohler iAM-MIX16 – Streamlined Audio Monitoring for Busy Productions

Effortless Monitoring and Preset Perfection:

The iAM-MIX16 eliminates the hassle of switching between individual sources. With instant access to any channel or your custom user-defined presets, you can quickly monitor specific audio feeds or blended mixes for clear and efficient control. Whether you’re in the studio, on location, or managing a live broadcast, the iAM-MIX16 keeps you on top of your audio game.

Modern Connectivity and Future-Proof Design:

The iAM-MIX16 supports the latest audio over IP formats, including Ravenna/AES67 and Dante, ensuring seamless integration with modern production setups. It also handles audio essences from ST-2110 and ST-2022 workflows, providing unmatched versatility. With the ever-evolving broadcast landscape, you can rest assured that the iAM-MIX16 is built to adapt and grow with your needs.

Fine-Tuned Control at Your Fingertips:

Beyond individual channel control with level adjustments, instant mute, and solo functions, the iAM-MIX16 offers a dedicated master level control for overall volume and muting. This allows you to make quick adjustments while maintaining focus on your individual channels.

Clear Communication and Intuitive Operation:

Individual OLED displays provide you with crucial information like channel status, presence metering, and channel names. These names can be manually edited or automatically updated through your network for effortless identification. Software updates are a breeze with the front-mounted USB port, ensuring your iAM-MIX16 stays at the forefront of technological advancements.

Networked Convenience and Centralized Control:

The iAM-MIX16 boasts a built-in web server, enabling you to configure, monitor, and control multiple units across your network through a user-friendly browser interface. This streamlines your workflow and allows for centralized control, saving you valuable time and effort.

The Allied Broadcast Group Difference:

At Allied Broadcast Group, we’re more than just a product provider. We’re a trusted partner dedicated to helping you find the right tools for your unique needs. With our extensive resources, vast network of industry partners, and commitment to exceptional service, we’re here to ensure your production runs smoothly, efficiently, and delivers pristine audio every time.

The iAM-MIX16 is a powerful and versatile solution for busy video professionals. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today to discuss how this innovative monitor can elevate your audio monitoring experience.