Studio Technologies Model 42A – USED


The Model 42A takes the guesswork out of setting up IFB systems. With four independent outputs, you can provide dedicated cue mixes to talent, directors, and other crew members. Each output delivers pristine, low-noise audio, ensuring everyone hears exactly what they need.

  • Studio Technologies Model 42A


Studio Technologies Model 42A: a powerful tool designed to streamline your IFB (interruptible foldback) workflow.

Flexible Connectivity & Compatibility

The Model 42A integrates seamlessly into your existing setup. It features transformer-coupled inputs that accept balanced or unbalanced line-level signals, making it compatible with most digital matrix intercom systems and audio sources. Plus, the unit boasts both front and back-panel XLR connectors for easy connection to IFB user devices.

Reliable Power & Long Cable Runs

Unlike some interface devices, the Model 42A excels at delivering stable DC power over extended cable runs. This means you can confidently use it in large venues like stadiums or concert halls, without worrying about signal degradation. Whether you’re powering a single listen-only beltpack or several devices, the Model 42A ensures consistent performance.

Crystal-Clear Audio Monitoring

Fine-tuning your IFB system is a breeze with the Model 42A’s comprehensive monitoring features. Two 5-segment LED meters provide visual feedback on audio levels, while a dedicated headphone output lets you directly check the audio quality. Additionally, an auto-scan mode allows you to quickly monitor each output for optimal efficiency.

Peace-of-Mind Protection

The Model 42A prioritizes the safety of your equipment. It continuously monitors the DC output voltage and automatically shuts down if it falls below a certain threshold, preventing potential damage to both the unit and connected devices.

Trusted Expertise at Your Fingertips

Allied Broadcast Group is your one-stop shop for all your video production needs. Our team of erfahren [German for experienced] professionals has extensive knowledge of the Model 42A and other IFB solutions. We’ll work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and recommend the perfect equipment to fit your workflow.

Don’t settle for unreliable communication – elevate your production with the Model 42A Interface. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today to learn more!

Key Features Summary:

  • 4 Independent IFB Outputs
  • Excellent Audio Quality & Low Noise
  • Flexible Connectivity with Transformer-Coupled Inputs
  • Front & Back-Panel XLR Connectors
  • Reliable DC Power Delivery for Long Cable Runs
  • Comprehensive Audio Monitoring with Meters & Headphone Output
  • DC Monitoring & Fault Shut Down for Equipment Protection
  • Compatible with Most Digital Matrix Intercom Systems and IFB User Devices

Let Allied Broadcast Group be your partner in achieving flawless video productions.