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Unleash Creative Precision: The Sony RCP-3500 remote control panel puts you in complete control with intuitive operation, customizable settings, and advanced features like joystick control for Sony camera productions.

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Take Control with Efficiency: Unveiling the Sony RCP-3500 Remote Control Panel

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. For video production professionals working with Sony HDC, HSC, and HXC series cameras, the Sony RCP-3500 remote control panel offers a powerful and user-friendly solution to elevate your productions.

As the successor to the RCP-1500, the RCP-3500 builds upon the familiar foundation while introducing key improvements for enhanced efficiency and control. Here at Allied Broadcast Group, your trusted source for professional video equipment, we’re diving into the features of the RCP-3500 to show you why it might be the perfect addition to your production toolkit.

Streamlined Operation and Unmatched Visibility

The RCP-3500 strikes a perfect balance between intuitive operation and advanced functionality. Direct operation switches provide tactile control for essential camera functions, while the high-resolution, brighter LCD touchscreen allows for precise adjustments and clear viewing – even in demanding lighting conditions. This intuitive layout minimizes setup time and allows you to focus on capturing your creative vision.

Precision at Your Fingertips

Sony takes camera control to the next level with the RCP-3500’s joystick control for iris and master black adjustments. This innovative approach offers a natural and responsive feel, allowing you to make fine-tuned adjustments with unparalleled accuracy. Imagine the difference a joystick can make in achieving perfect exposure during fast-paced live productions.

Customizable for Your Workflow

The RCP-3500 understands that every production has unique needs. That’s why it features nine assignable buttons and the ability to create custom menus. Assign frequently used functions to the dedicated buttons for a streamlined workflow. Furthermore, the RCP-3500 allows you to create your own personalized menu structure, placing the controls you need most at your fingertips. This level of customization ensures the RCP-3500 seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, maximizing your efficiency.

Enhanced Connectivity and HDR Support

The RCP-3500 offers expanded connectivity options, including traditional CCA-5 cable connections and the added flexibility of LAN connections. This allows you to integrate the RCP-3500 into your existing infrastructure with ease. Furthermore, the RCP-3500 boasts full support for HDR workflows. It can display HDR-related file names from the HDRC-4000 Production Converter Unit and link HDR metadata via the SR Live MetaFile. This ensures seamless integration with your HDR production chain.

Scene Files at Your Fingertips

The RCP-3500 streamlines scene management with its direct scene file control functionality. Easily access and recall pre-programmed camera settings, saving valuable time during productions that require frequent scene changes.

Remote Management for Added Flexibility

The RCP-3500 goes beyond in-person control with its web UI application. This allows for convenient remote configuration of the RCP’s initial settings from any networked PC. This is a valuable asset for streamlined setup and configuration, especially in large or complex productions.

Saving Time, Saving Money

At Allied Broadcast Group, we know that time is money in the fast-paced world of video production. The RCP-3500’s features, from its intuitive interface to its customizable controls, are designed to save you valuable time during setup and operation. Additionally, the ability to save and load settings via USB flash drive streamlines setup for recurring productions.

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

The Sony RCP-3500 is a powerful and versatile remote control panel that empowers videographers to take control of their productions with exceptional efficiency. Here at Allied Broadcast Group, our extensive resources and network of partners allow us to provide you with the expert advice and support you need to determine if the RCP-3500 is the right fit for your production needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore the full range of Sony broadcast equipment we offer. Remember, at Allied Broadcast Group, we are dedicated to helping you find the right tools to bring your creative vision to life.