Sony PMW-F55 Live Production Chain – USED


The F55 boasts an 8.9-megapixel Super 35mm CMOS sensor, capable of capturing breathtaking 4K, 2K, and HD resolution footage. This translates to vibrant visuals brimming with detail, perfect for creating content that captivates audiences.

2 Chains Available
  • (2) Sony PMW-F55 cameras
  • (2) CA4000 Studio Fiber Adapter for PMWF55
  • (1) AXSR5 Raw Recorder for PMWF55
  • (2) HDVFEL75 OLED Viewfinders
  • (2) BPU4000/s Baseband Processing Unit
  • (2) HDCU2500L Camera Control Unit
  • (2) RCP1500 Shading Controls
Cabrio Lenses Available for Additional Purchase:
  • (1) ZK4.7x19SAFB (19-90 PL Cabrio w/Digital Servo Drive Unit)
  • (1) ZK12x25SAF (25-300 PL Cabrio)
  • (1) ESM15ASA (Digital Servo Drive Unit for 25-300)


Unveiling the Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta Camera

Unparalleled Image Fidelity

Sony’s innovative global shutter design eliminates motion skew and rolling shutter distortions, ensuring smooth, professional-looking results. With an impressive 14 stops of dynamic range, the F55 rivals traditional film in its ability to render highlights and shadows with exceptional detail, even in low-light conditions.

Color Like Never Before

The F55 surpasses film by incorporating the same advanced color filter array technology found in Sony’s flagship F65 camera. This translates to a wider color gamut, allowing you to capture and reproduce richer, more lifelike colors that elevate your productions.

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility

The F55 is a true chameleon, adapting to your specific needs. The camera features a native FZ mount that seamlessly integrates with Sony’s SCL-Z18X140 autofocus servo zoom lens. Additionally, the included PL mount adapter unlocks compatibility with a vast range of acclaimed cine optics from renowned manufacturers.

Unleash the Power of Raw with the AXS-R5 Recorder (Optional)

For maximum creative control, consider the optional AXS-R5 recorder. This add-on unlocks 16-bit raw recording in both 4K and 2K resolutions, along with high-speed frame rates of up to 240 fps in 2K. This opens doors for incredible slow-motion effects and unmatched post-production flexibility.

Seamless Workflow and Intuitive Controls

The F55 prioritizes user experience. The camera features a well-designed, intuitive interface that grants one-touch access to crucial shooting parameters. Assignable buttons put your most-used adjustments at your fingertips, keeping you focused on capturing the perfect shot.

Extensive Connectivity and Recording Options

The F55 offers real-time 4K output via 3G-SDI outputs, perfect for connecting to compatible monitors. Additional connections include HDMI, USB, DC input, and removable XLR audio and time code/genlock modules, ensuring compatibility with your existing workflow. The camera utilizes high-speed SxS PRO+ memory cards for onboard recording, providing ample storage for your projects.

Long-lasting Power and Reliable Performance

The F55 is built to endure. The camera utilizes Sony’s innovative BP-FL75 battery pack, featuring olivine lithium iron phosphate technology. This translates to a significant increase in charge cycles compared to previous batteries, keeping you powered up throughout long shoots.

Allied Broadcast Group: Your Trusted Partner in Video Production

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