Sony HSCU-300R Camera Control Unit – USED


The HSCU-300R seamlessly connects to your camera via a standard triaxial cable, utilizing Sony’s cutting-edge digital transmission technology. This ensures pristine, high-resolution images are delivered regardless of cable length. Whether you’re in a studio environment or managing a complex outdoor shoot, the HSCU-300R ensures your video feed remains crystal clear.


Sony HSCU-300R Camera Control Unit – Unleash the Power of Your HSC-300R/100R Cameras

Flexible Configuration & Multi-Camera Support:

The compact 1.5 RU-size design allows for space-saving integration into your existing rack system. With the optional HZCU-MC3 software, the HSCU-300R transforms into a powerful multi-camera control unit, ideal for large-scale productions. Integrate seamlessly with Sony’s MSU-1000/1500 Master Setup Units or RCP-1000 series Remote Control Panels for a comprehensive studio setup.

Unparalleled Signal Processing & Conversion:

The HSCU-300R boasts a built-in down converter, enabling you to convert high-definition (HD) signals from your camera to standard-definition (SD) outputs. This flexibility is ideal for situations where compatibility with older equipment is required. Additionally, the unit features a simplified up converter for displaying SD return video signals on your HD viewfinder.

Enhanced Functionality & Control:

The HSCU-300R offers a wide range of audio functions, including two-channel microphone outputs, embedded audio in video signals, and dedicated PGM audio input/output connectors. The built-in intercom system provides two independent channels, supporting both four-wire and RTS/Clear-Com systems for seamless communication within your production team.

User-Friendly Design & Optional Accessories:

The HSCU-300R prioritizes user experience. The optional HKCU-FP2 CCU Control Panel can be mounted on the front panel, providing easy access to essential functions like white balance, iris control, and master black. With Allied Broadcast Group’s extensive knowledge and network of partners, we’ll help you identify the ideal configuration to meet your specific production needs.