Sony HDTX100 and HDFX100 Triax Fiber Converter Kit – USED


This powerful duo seamlessly integrates with your Sony HDC1000/HDC1500 cameras, enabling extended transmission distances of up to 1400 meters (4500 feet) with standard triax cabling. No more limitations imposed by fiber optic lengths!

  • Sony HDTX100
  • Sony HDFX100


Achieve Long-Distance Signal Transmission with the Sony HDTX100 & HDFX100 Kit

The HDTX100 and HDFX100 bridge the gap between fiber optic and triax infrastructure, ensuring pristine video quality over long runs. This opens up a world of possibilities for remote setups, mobile productions, and situations where fiber optic deployment is impractical.

Key benefits:

  • Extended reach: Transmit uncompromised HD signals over long distances using readily available triax cable.
  • Flexibility: Integrates seamlessly with your existing Sony camera systems.
  • Proven performance: Enjoy the reliability and image quality Sony is known for.

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