Ross Video RCP-NKM – USED


Command your production environment with the Ross Video RCP-NKM – a customizable remote control panel designed to streamline workflows and empower creative control for studios and production facilities of all sizes.

  • Ross Video RCP-NKM
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Unleash Flexible Control for Your Video Productions

The Ross Video RCP-NKM is a versatile remote control panel offering a perfect blend of functionality, customization, and user-friendliness.

Unmatched Customization & Powerful Control

The RCP-NKM boasts 40 programmable buttons, each configurable to a wide range of routing functions. This allows you to tailor the control surface to perfectly match your specific workflow needs, placing critical functions at your fingertips for maximum efficiency.

A clear and informative 16×2 character backlit LCD display provides real-time source and destination status, keeping you informed at a glance. The fully illuminated buttons feature removable keycaps, allowing for custom labeling to further enhance your user experience.

Operational Flexibility & Scalability

The RCP-NKM excels in a variety of environments. It can be configured to operate in XY, cut-bus, or multi-cutbus modes, adapting seamlessly to your production setup. Multi-level breakaway functionality allows for expanded control over complex routing configurations.