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Empower your production with the Ross Video NK-VRC – a virtual routing and resource management solution designed to streamline signal routing, enhance flexibility, and optimize workflow efficiency in larger NK Series routing systems.

  • Ross Video NK-VRC
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Unlock Scalability and Efficiency in Your NK Series Routing System

The Ross Video NK-VRC addresses these challenges head-on, providing a powerful virtual routing and resource management solution for your NK Series routing system.

Enhanced Flexibility & Streamlined Workflows

The NK-VRC introduces a game-changer: virtual routing. This innovative feature allows you to assign physical sources and destinations to virtual counterparts. This eliminates the limitations of tied switching, where the same physical inputs and outputs are used across multiple routers. With the NK-VRC, you can now establish a more flexible setup, enabling independent source and destination assignments across various routing levels.

Effortless Resource Management

The NK-VRC takes control to the next level by introducing robust resource management capabilities. This allows you to seamlessly route signals between different router types, including analog and digital. The system utilizes external resources, such as analog-to-digital converters, to facilitate format conversion and signal pathfinding.

This powerful feature simplifies operation by automatically routing signals through the appropriate resources, eliminating the need for manual configuration and dramatically improving workflow efficiency. Additionally, the NK-VRC’s ability to manage multiple resources allows for the creation of redundant signal paths, enhancing system reliability.

Unlock the true potential of your NK Series routing system with the power and flexibility of the Ross Video NK-VRC. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today and explore how this innovative solution can transform your production efficiency!