Ross Video NK-IPS – USED


Experience seamless configuration, intuitive control, and centralized monitoring for your Ross Video NK Series routing system with the NK-IPS – your essential gateway for efficient system management.

  • Ross Video NK-IPS
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Simplify Configuration & Control of Your NK Series Ecosystem

The Ross Video NK-IPS acts as the central nervous system of your NK Series ecosystem, providing a user-friendly interface for configuration, control, and real-time monitoring.

Effortless Configuration & Control

The NK-IPS establishes a vital connection between your NK Series devices and your computer network. This allows for intuitive configuration and control using either a web browser or the Ross Video DashBoard Control System. With the NK-IPS, managing your routing system becomes a breeze.

Centralized Monitoring & Streamlined Troubleshooting

The NK-IPS offers an additional layer of convenience by providing centralized monitoring capabilities. Access the NK-IPS Online Devices webpage to view the status of all connected devices, allowing you to quickly identify and troubleshoot any potential issues within your NK Series setup.

Streamlined Connectivity & Flexible Integration

The NK-IPS is equipped with an 8-port T-Bus hub, enabling seamless communication between various NK Series devices such as control panels and router frames. Each T-Bus port supports daisy-chaining configurations, maximizing scalability and flexibility in your setup.

Simplify control, centralized monitoring, and empower efficient management of your NK Series routing system with the Ross Video NK-IPS. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today and explore how this essential gateway can elevate your production workflows!