Hitachi SK-HD1300 Camera Chain – USED



Unleash Stunning Imagery with the Hitachi SK-HD1300 Camera

The Hitachi SK-HD1300 camera is a versatile powerhouse designed to capture breathtaking progressive scan HD footage in both studio and Electronic Field Production (EFP) environments. Whether you’re shooting broadcast-quality content for television, live events for a captivated audience, or corporate videos for a polished presentation, the SK-HD1300 delivers exceptional image quality and adaptability to meet the demands of any production.

  • Hitachi SK-HD1300
  • Hitachi CU-HD1200U
  • Hitachi RU-1500JY
  • Choice of  Hitachi VF-701HDA or Hitachi VF-402
10+ Chains Available : $14,500 Per Chain


Capture Every Detail with Cutting-Edge Technology

The SK-HD1300 boasts three cutting-edge 2/3-inch, 1080/60p progressive scan MOS imagers, capturing a remarkable 1,100 TV lines of resolution. Hitachi’s advanced digital processing technology ensures incredibly low-noise pictures, even in challenging lighting conditions. This translates to crisp, clear images that will elevate your productions and leave a lasting impression on your viewers.

Unparalleled Flexibility for Diverse Applications

The SK-HD1300 is a true chameleon, adapting to your workflow seamlessly. It features selectable High Dynamic Range (HDR) profiles, allowing you to capture a wider range of colors and tones for a more natural and realistic look. Whether you’re shooting broadcast content, live events, or corporate videos, the SK-HD1300 delivers the versatility you need to excel.

Effortless Connectivity & Long Cable Runs

The SK-HD1300 integrates effortlessly into your existing setup. It supports a wide range of connection options, including SMPTE-311M hybrid fiber cable for transmission and camera power up to an impressive 9,842 feet. Additionally, the advanced triax system with H-264 codec enables extended cable runs of up to 4,250 feet, perfect for large venues or outdoor productions.

Unmatched Operational Efficiency

We understand that time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of video production. The SK-HD1300 streamlines your workflow with features like full automatic setup using grayscale and digital registration for lens adjustments. Its intuitive control panels (SU-1000 and RU-1500 series) allow for control of up to 128 cameras over a TCP/IP network, fostering seamless collaboration between crew members.

Investing in Your Success: Allied Broadcast Group – Your Trusted Partner

At Allied Broadcast Group, we’re not just about selling equipment – we’re here to empower your storytelling. Our team of seasoned professionals has in-depth knowledge of the SK-HD1300 camera and a vast understanding of the broader video production landscape. We’ll work closely with you to identify your specific needs and ensure the SK-HD1300 is the perfect fit for your workflow.

Key Features of the Hitachi SK-HD1300:

  • Outstanding image quality with 2/3-inch, 1080/60p progressive scan MOS imagers
  • Selectable High Dynamic Range (HDR) profiles for a wider range of colors and tones
  • Flexible connectivity options with SMPTE-311M fiber and advanced triax system
  • Long cable runs for maximum placement freedom (up to 9,842 feet with fiber, 4,250 feet with triax)
  • Streamlined workflow with automatic setup and digital lens adjustments
  • Intuitive control panels with TCP/IP network connectivity
  • Wide range of features for professional applications

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