Fujinon EPD-4A-E12A – USED


Broadcast-ready focus control: Elevate your focus precision and achieve flawless broadcast productions with the Fujinon EPD-4A-E12A from Allied Broadcast Group.

  • Fujinon EPD-4A-E12A
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Take Command of Focus with the Fujinon EPD-4A-E12A: Precision Focus Control for Broadcast Productions

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the critical role of maintaining precise focus during demanding broadcast productions. That’s why we recommend the Fujinon EPD-4A-E12A, a digital servo focus demand unit designed to deliver exceptional control and accuracy for your Fujinon HDTV/Broadcast lenses.

Elevate Your Focus Control for Broadcast Excellence

The EPD-4A-E12A transcends basic manual adjustments by offering a digital servo system that translates your precise movements into smooth and responsive focus control. This allows you to confidently capture stunning visuals, scene after scene, even in high-pressure broadcast environments.

Seamless Integration for Streamlined Workflows

The EPD-4A-E12A integrates effortlessly into your existing broadcast setup. It’s compatible with a variety of select Fujinon lenses and utilizes the standard EFZ-11C cable for reliable connectivity. Additionally, the unit is designed to mount seamlessly onto the MCA-7 clamp, ensuring a secure and efficient workflow. Our team of experts at Allied Broadcast Group can provide compatibility guidance and assist with configuration to ensure the EPD-4A-E12A integrates flawlessly into your system.

Built for Broadcast, Backed by Allied Broadcast Group

The EPD-4A-E12A is built to withstand the demanding schedules of broadcast productions. Its robust construction and reliable digital operation ensure you can focus on capturing your story, not technical issues. When you choose Allied Broadcast Group, you’re gaining a trusted partner with extensive knowledge of Fujinon broadcast equipment. We’ll help you select the right components, ensure seamless integration, and provide ongoing support to keep your broadcast productions running smoothly.