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ClearCom V12PDD: Unleash Crystal-Clear Communication for Your Video Productions

Allied Broadcast Group understands the critical role communication plays in successful video production. That’s why we’re proud to offer the ClearCom V12PDD, a versatile and user-friendly intercom panel designed to streamline communication within your team. Here’s why the V12PDD is the perfect addition to your video production arsenal.

  • ClearCom V12PDD
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Enhanced Clarity and Control:

  • 12 Configurable Pushbuttons: Assign vital functions like talk groups, camera control, or IFB (Interrupt Foldback) to each button for intuitive communication.
  • 24 Up/Down Level Buttons: Adjust individual audio levels for director’s cues, talent monitoring, or program audio, creating personalized mixes for each crew member.

Unmatched Visibility:

  • High-Contrast Yellow OLED Displays: Even in brightly lit environments, the V12PDD’s displays offer exceptional clarity, ensuring you never miss a critical message.

Streamlined Workflow Features:

  • Listen Again Function: Replay missed calls with a single button press, eliminating confusion and keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Fast Key Assign: Assign frequently used functions with ease, either from pre-defined scroll lists or directly using the keypad, minimizing setup time and keeping your workflow efficient.

Global Communication Capabilities:

  • International Character Support: The V12PDD supports Cyrillic, Hangul, Hebrew, Kanji, Katakana, and Arabic characters, enabling seamless communication with international crews.

Superior Audio Quality:

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Experience clear, crisp audio with advanced DSP features for routing, equalization, and dynamic control. Additionally, DSP allows for IFB routing and local loudspeaker dimming, providing a customizable audio environment.

Flexible Connectivity Options:

  • Single/Multi-Channel Matrix Connection: Connect directly to your Eclipse HX matrix system (1 main + 2 aux channels), utilize AES-3 for 2-channel connections, or leverage IP connectivity for up to 3 channels.
  • Optional AES Expansion Cards: Expand connectivity options with AES-3 or AES-6 cards, allowing connections to CAT5, co-ax, EMADI-64, or AES-6 interfaces.

Built for the Demands of Production:

  • Rugged Construction: The V12PDD is built to withstand the rigors of production environments, ensuring reliable performance day in and day out.
  • Versatile Power Options: The unit operates on a wide range of AC power (100/240V) and features a low power consumption (50W maximum), making it adaptable to various locations.

Unparalleled Expertise and Support:

At Allied Broadcast Group, we’re more than just equipment providers. We’re a team of passionate video production professionals here to help you succeed. Our extensive knowledge of the V12PDD and its capabilities, combined with our network of industry partners, allows us to provide comprehensive support every step of the way. We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and configure the V12PDD to optimize communication within your workflow.

Invest in Clear Communication, Invest in Success

When it comes to clear and efficient communication on set, the ClearCom V12PDD is an invaluable asset. With its intuitive controls, exceptional audio quality, and versatile connectivity options, the V12PDD empowers seamless collaboration within your production team. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today – let’s find the perfect communication solution to elevate your next video project.