Clear-Com CellCom 10 – USED


In today’s fast-paced live production environments, seamless, reliable communication is absolutely essential. That’s why Clear-Com, the industry leader in professional intercom systems, has developed the CellCom 10 – the world’s first wireless intercom system designed to deliver the robust, flexible functionality of a traditional wired system, with the freedom and mobility of wireless technology. The future of wireless communication for live productions has arrived. Discover the power of the ClearCom CellCom 10.

  • Clear-Com CellCom10


The Future of Wireless Communication for Live Productions

At the heart of the CellCom 10 is Clear-Com’s trusted and field-proven intercom technology, which has been the go-to solution for top broadcast networks, live events, and theater productions for decades. But this latest iteration takes wireless communication to new heights, leveraging the power of a cellular network or pre-positioned active antennas to enable point-to-point or party-line communications between up to 20 wireless beltpacks.

Beyond mere wireless connectivity, the CellCom 10 provides a comprehensive set of advanced features that empower production crews to work with greater efficiency and coordination than ever before. Full non-blocking mixing capabilities allow for seamless, real-time communication between any number of individual users or predefined groups. Granular level controls and comprehensive labeling options make it easy to customize the system to the unique needs of each production. And with the ability to interface with traditional 2-wire or 4-wire intercoms, the CellCom 10 integrates effortlessly into existing production workflows.

Clear-Com’s renowned reputation for rock-solid reliability is evident in every aspect of the CellCom 10 design. From the sturdy, ergonomic beltpacks to the robust, secure wireless connectivity, this system is built to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding live events. And with simple set-up, intuitive operation, and easy expansion, the CellCom 10 provides an effortless path to enhanced crew coordination and maximum productivity on every show.