AJA 1-Channel 3G-SDI Single Mode SC Fiber Transmitter SFP

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1-Channel 3G-SDI Single Mode SC Fiber Transmitter SFP


AJA’s SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) and SFP+ fiber modules are compact, interchangeable optical transceiver modules with SC, LC, or ST simplex or duplex connectors. This optional module is the FIBERSC-1-TX, a one channel 3G-SDI Single Mode SC Fiber Transmitter.

Modules are typically hot swappable and connect to a SFP port commonly found on fiber hardware. SFP modules permit cable connectors or optical transmission wavelengths to be changed quickly. SFP connections can handle up to 4.25Gbps. SFP+ modules offer higher bandwidth and offer data rates of up to 16Gbps with most common implementations around 10Gbps.

AJA provides a range of products and options to allow you to make the most of your fiber infrastructure. Many of their product lines are offered with SFP cages, so that you can add Fiber SFP inputs and or outputs for recording and playback in the case of the Ki Pro line or handle Frame Sync and complex conversions with the FS line.