#VPTR-24 – 24 FT Rack Ready Mobile Production Trailer, New!

Call for Price

Markertek has ceased manufacturing production trailers.

If you are in need of a trailer, Allied Broadcast Trailers are now available in several sizes and options.

Click here for information on the ABGTR-16, 16ft broadcast trailers

Click here for information on the ABGTR-24, 24ft broadcast trailers


The production trailer has a professional all white exterior and looks great parked outside or inside an arena, corporate meetings, media tours, DVD production, webcasts, downstreaming, religious programming, or news/sports events. Also provides a low cost portable inside control room for professionals who need a quick and economical solution for broadcast and cable productions close to the TV/shooting set. The cut/directing can be done simultaneously to the footage, needed for live transmissions or useful to minimize post production costs. Also ideally suited for TV studios and stations with a limited budget.