#VPTR-1 20 FT Rack Ready Mobile Production Trailer, by Markertek , New!

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Markertek has ceased manufacturing production trailers.

If you are in need of a trailer, Allied Broadcast Trailers are now available in several sizes and options.

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The VPTR-1 is a rack-ready 20 foot x 8.5 foot deluxe professional video and audio production trailer with a generous ceiling height of 6’6″. It’s a modern fully equipped outside broadcast (OB) vehicle fully air-conditioned and outfitted with heavy duty electrical wiring. The extended 8.5 ft. width provides a true 8 ft. wide interior.

Wired for AC shore power, a full-size 50A 120/240 VAC service panel is pre-installed for your immediate and future electrical requirements.

Featuring a professional all white exterior, the production trailer looks great parked outside or inside an arena, corporate meetings, media tours, sports video production, webcasts, downstreaming, religious programming, or news events. Also provides a low cost portable inside control room for professionals who need a quick and economical solution for broadcast and cable productions close to the TV/shooting set. Cut/directing can be done in real-time during live transmissions in order to minimize post production costs. Also ideally suited for TV studios and stations with a limited budget.

The interior of the production trailer is fully carpeted and finished in a no-glare medium grey high tech acoustic control fabric on the walls and floor. The cabin is air-conditioned for your comfort, featuring stylish wall and console track lighting with optional LED upgrades available. Outside quartz task lighting is extremely useful when working in remote or dimly-lit locations, and packing up safely when the job is finished.

Five, 6 foot high 19″ EIA racks comprise the monitor-equipment wall. A laminated 8 foot wide adjustable console table sits in front of the rack wall for your switcher. Other production features include 3 cable feed-thru hatch doors plus a full audio, video, CAT5 and telco I/O panel outside hatch door featuring Canare and Neutrik connectors for quick and efficient interfacing.

There is a 36″ wide passenger door on the curb side of the unit, and a rear swing out door which opens to a 4 foot deep lockable storage room. The storage room also allows complete access to the rear of your rack wall to simplify equipment wiring.

Trailers save you thousands of dollars compared to the cost of motor home models, vans and OB trucks that require costly annual maintenance and never seem to want to start when you need them. Trailers can also be pulled by a wide range of tow vehicles, which can be freed up for other assignments after the production trailer has been placed.