Wohler MADI-8 – USED


The Wohler MADI-8 is the perfect solution for video production professionals who demand reliable and efficient MADI audio monitoring. Its comprehensive feature set, compact design, and user-friendly operation make it an essential tool for any production setting.

  • Wohler MADI-8


Streamline your workflow and ensure pristine audio quality with the Wohler MADI-8, an eight-channel MADI 1RU stream monitor designed for demanding video production professionals.

The MADI-8 offers a powerful solution for audio professionals, enabling real-time monitoring of up to eight MADI channels simultaneously. This feature is invaluable for quickly identifying and addressing audio issues across multiple streams. By providing instant access to these channels, engineers can maintain the highest quality standards and troubleshoot problems efficiently, ensuring smooth audio production and broadcast operations.

While MADI-8 offers immediate access to eight channels, its capabilities extend far beyond this initial set. Users can access additional groups of eight channels, allowing for monitoring of up to 56 or 64 MADI streams in total. This expansive coverage is all contained within a single, convenient device. The user-programmable presets make it easy to switch between different channel groups, providing a flexible and customizable monitoring solution that adapts to various project requirements.

The MADI-8 is designed to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of professional audio setups. It features both coaxial and optical MADI inputs, ensuring compatibility with diverse equipment types. Additionally, the device provides re-clocked outputs for both connection types. This versatility in connectivity options makes the MADI-8 an adaptable tool that can easily fit into existing workflows and systems, regardless of the specific MADI interface used.

Audio quality is paramount in professional environments, and the MADI-8 delivers high-fidelity sound through its built-in speakers. For more focused listening, a dedicated headphone jack is also available. The device features an intuitive, menu-driven system that simplifies setup and channel selection. This user-friendly interface ensures that even complex monitoring tasks can be accomplished with ease, allowing audio professionals to focus on their creative work rather than wrestling with complicated equipment.

Recognizing the importance of efficiency in professional audio workflows, the MADI-8 offers robust preset management capabilities. Users can store and recall frequently used configurations using either the included PC software or directly through the front panel controls. This feature dramatically reduces setup times, especially for recurring projects or standard configurations. By eliminating the need for repetitive manual setup, the preset management system ensures consistency across projects and allows teams to work more efficiently.

Understanding the space constraints often faced in professional audio environments, the MADI-8 is designed with a compact form factor. Its shallow-depth, 1RU chassis allows for easy integration into crowded production spaces, outside broadcast vans, and editing suites. This thoughtful design ensures that the device can provide its powerful monitoring capabilities without demanding excessive space, making it an ideal solution for facilities where every rack unit counts.

Let the Wohler MADI-8 become your trusted companion for ensuring pristine audio quality in your next video production.