Wohler E MON-1 – USED


Ensure crystal-clear audio for flawless productions with the Wohler E MON-1, your eight-channel digital audio monitor designed for professional video environments.

  • Wohler E MON-1


The Wohler E MON-1 is a powerful and versatile 2RU audio monitor built to seamlessly integrate into your video production workflow. This professional-grade unit boasts a comprehensive feature set that caters to the needs of discerning videographers and audio engineers.

Experience unmatched versatility with our single, user-friendly platform that offers comprehensive audio signal processing capabilities. This powerful solution allows you to decode and monitor a wide range of audio formats, including Dolby E, Dolby Digital, and linear PCM (AES/EBU). Additionally, it supports both standard SDI and high-definition HD-SDI audio signals, providing a complete audio monitoring solution in one integrated system.

Our system offers precision monitoring through its eight high-resolution, tri-color LED bar graph level meters. These advanced meters provide superior visibility and accuracy, enabling you to make critical audio level decisions with the utmost confidence. The combination of high resolution and tri-color display ensures that you can easily discern subtle changes in audio levels, making this monitoring solution an invaluable tool for professionals who demand precision in their audio work.

Experience exceptional audio fidelity with our system that features three audiophile-grade drivers and three dedicated power amplifiers. This unique design ensures pristine audio reproduction, delivering focused sound that excels in near-field environments. Such precision makes it ideal for use in production suites and editing bays, where accurate sound representation is crucial. The combination of high-quality drivers and dedicated amplifiers guarantees a listening experience that meets the exacting standards of audio professionals.

The E MON-1 system offers seamless integration capabilities to enhance your audio workflow. It features balanced analog outputs that enable easy downmixing and effortless connection to external speaker systems, providing flexibility in your audio setup. Additionally, a dedicated data port facilitates software upgrades, ensuring that your E MON-1 remains at the cutting edge of audio monitoring technology. This combination of connectivity options and upgrade potential ensures that your investment in this audio monitoring solution will continue to meet your needs well into the future.

The Wohler E MON-1 features intuitive control options designed for ease of use and personalized monitoring. A high-contrast LCD display provides a clear view of critical information, including mode selection, audio details, and Dolby metadata. For added flexibility, the system includes a headphone output and dedicated controls for volume, balance, and meter brightness. These features allow users to tailor their monitoring experience to their specific preferences, ensuring optimal audio assessment in various working environments. The combination of clear visual feedback and customizable settings makes this system both powerful and user-friendly.

Invest in the E MON-1 and elevate your audio monitoring to unparalleled levels of precision and control. Contact us today to learn more about this industry-leading audio solution!