Wohler AMP1A-LP2S – USED


Nail Every Mix with Confidence: The Wohler AMP1A-LP2S – Your Studio’s Essential Monitoring Solution with the AMP1A-LP2S, you get professional-grade audio monitoring in a compact, nearfield design. Order yours today and experience the Wohler difference!

  • Wohler AMP1A-LP2S


Elevate your audio monitoring with the Wohler AMP1A-LP2S, a professional-grade 1RU active stereo speaker system designed for exceptional nearfield performance. This versatile unit from Wohler, a trusted name in broadcast equipment, delivers full-range audio with impressive clarity and detail, ideal for critical listening in broadcast, video production, post-production, and multimedia applications.

Experience pristine audio reproduction with our monitoring solution that offers a wide frequency range of 80 Hz to 20 kHz. This comprehensive coverage ensures you capture every sonic detail, from deep lows to crisp highs, allowing for accurate and detailed monitoring of your audio content. Whether you’re mixing, mastering, or simply enjoying high-fidelity playback, this precise frequency response enables you to hear your audio with exceptional clarity and fidelity.

Don’t let its compact size deceive you. This audio monitor packs a serious punch, delivering clear and powerful sound with an impressive output of up to 98dB SPL. Such robust audio reproduction makes it ideal for close-up monitoring scenarios, where you need both precision and volume. Despite its small footprint, this speaker provides the sonic impact and clarity necessary for critical listening tasks, ensuring you can hear every nuance of your audio even in professional studio environments.

The AMP1A-LP2S offers flexible connectivity options to seamlessly integrate into your existing audio setup. Featuring balanced XLR inputs, this device ensures high-quality, noise-free signal transmission, which is crucial for professional audio applications. Additionally, it includes loop-thru connectors, allowing you to easily chain multiple units or pass the signal to other equipment without degradation. This versatile connectivity makes the AMP1A-LP2S adaptable to various audio configurations, whether you’re using it in a studio, live sound environment, or as part of a larger audio system.

The AMP1A-LP2S offers a suite of dedicated controls that allow you to fine-tune your monitoring experience with precision. You have independent control over speaker gain, enabling you to adjust the overall output level to suit your room acoustics or personal preference. A separate headphone volume control lets you set comfortable listening levels for private monitoring sessions. Additionally, the source selection feature gives you the flexibility to switch between different audio inputs, making it easy to compare sources or manage multiple audio streams. These thoughtfully designed controls put you in command of your audio environment, ensuring optimal performance for any monitoring scenario. 

The device features an integrated Phase/Polarity LED indicator, a crucial tool for maintaining audio integrity. This visual cue helps ensure that your audio signals are in phase, which is essential for preserving a cohesive stereo image. By providing instant feedback on the phase relationship between channels, this LED indicator allows you to quickly identify and correct any phase issues that might otherwise compromise the clarity and spatial accuracy of your audio. This feature is particularly valuable in professional audio environments where precise stereo imaging and sound quality are paramount, helping you maintain the highest standards of audio reproduction and monitoring.

Engineered for longevity and reliability, this speaker boasts a rugged construction designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. Its durable build ensures it can handle the demands of daily studio operations without compromising performance. Additionally, the speaker incorporates magnetic shielding, a crucial feature that protects against interference from nearby electronic equipment, preserving audio clarity and preventing unwanted noise. This combination of sturdy construction and thoughtful shielding makes the speaker a dependable and long-lasting addition to your studio setup, providing consistent, high-quality audio reproduction for years to come.