Vinten Vision 250 2-Stage Pozi-Loc Aluminum Tripod System with Ground Spreader- NEW


Vinten System Vision 250 2-stage Al PL GS SC

Brand New with Warranty


  • Vision 250 (3465-3S)
  • 2 telescopic pan bars (3219-91)
  • 2-stage aluminum Pozi-Loc tripod (V4086-0001)
  • Ground spreader (3363-3)
  • Soft case (3341-3)

Further Information: 22.0 – 72.8 lb (10.0 – 33.0 kg ) payload

Product Code- VB250-AP2 

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The Vision 250 System from Vinten is a tripod and fluid head system designed to support and balance loads weighing between 22 to 72.8 lb, making it ideal for studio cameras and EFP configurations complete with a viewfinder, teleprompter, and pan bar remote control units. The system includes a Vision 250 HD Fluid Head, two telescopic pan bars, a 150mm bowl Two-Stage Aluminum Pozi-Loc Tripod, a floor spreader, and soft carrying case.

The Vision 250 features a TF drag system that works independent of the balance system, allowing you to dial in the precise amount of balance and drag you need. It also incorporates illuminated drag controls and a digital counterbalance readout to facilitate repeatable camera setups. The head utilizes a dual 100mm and 150mm ball base, adding to its versatility and is paired with the 150mm bowl Two-Stage Aluminum Pozi-Loc Tripod. For added leg rigidity, you can attach the included floor spreader. The whole system weighs 38.1 lb, with an operating height range of 26.9″ to 68″. For storage and transport, it has a collapsed height of 36.2″ and fits inside the included padded soft tripod case.

Please see the links below for more information on the components of this tripod system.
VISION 250 HD Fluid Head (100mm/150mm Ball Base) (Black)
The VISION 250 pan & tilt head is designed to support the latest portable digital camera combinations used in Studio and Outside Broadcast production. With its unique “twin balancing mechanism” the Vision 250 can be fully adjusted to perfectly balance any camera or any lens combination — either weighing up to 72.8 lb — quickly and easily. The VISION incorporates a drag mechanism employing non-contacting thin film technology, which ensures consistent drag and constant performance over a temperature range from -40°F to +140°F. TF drag allows for fine adjustment of drag levels as well as whip pan movement without any manual reduction of the drag.

In addition, the Vision 250 also has the benefit of digital counterbalance readout, backlit drag controls and an illuminated leveling bubble, giving the cameraman the quickest and most simple set-up, even in “low light” situations.

Perfect Balance
The Vision 250 pan & tilt head achieves the Perfect Counter Balance by means of an innovative and patented infinitely-variable spring mechanism. This allows the head to tilt through the full range of ±90° in perfect balance, eliminating a considerable amount of physical effort required by the operator to control the tilting action. Since the camera is perfectly balanced, it can be left at any angle – totally hands free – without having to lock the tilt brake. The variable counterbalance mechanism allows it to be used with a variety of lenses, batteries, viewfinders and on-camera lights.
For even faster setup, the Vision 250 offers a digital counterbalance readout, with repeatable balance setting. The display is activated by a simple press of a button and remains visible for 15 seconds.

TF (Thin Film) Drag Control
The Vision 250 uses the Vinten TF (Thin Film) damping system, to provide consistent drag and constant performance in demanding conditions from -40°F to +140°F. The TF system offers total control for precise movement and excellent camera control during the critical slow start-up of your shot, providing seamless transition into Whip Pan and instant recovery to the original drag setting at the finish of the movement.

Calibrated with variable adjustment and a single turn rotation from fully On to Off, the drag knobs are backlit and are adjusted accordingly (depending on the lighting conditions) by a light sensor built into the digital readout.
Interlock Device
The interlock device is positive latching and thus overrides the tilt brake to insure that any load doesn’t move in its fixed position. And the tilt brake therefore doesn’t wear out prematurely.
Quick Setup
Unique design features allow fast setup — a must if you are continuously on the move. The leveling bowl has a double threaded screw shank, which allows the bowl lock to be tightened and released quickly — very handy when you are constantly adjusting the bowl to level the camera (especially on uneven terrain).
Adjustable camera mounting plate with unique rubber grip strips holds the camera rock steady.
Load capacity of up to 72.8 lb
3880-3 EFP Aluminum Tripod Legs
Vision EFP tripods are precision-engineered with single or two-stage legs, and made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber material. Offers a 150mm-bowl fixing, attached to an innovative hip joint that eliminates play and gives more rigidity to provide an exceptionally stable camera platform. With unrivalled height range capability and Pozi-Loc leg clamping system, these lightweight, compact tripods are quick and easy to set up and provide excellent operational flexibility.

Aluminum Construction
Constructed of strong anodized tubular alloy, thermoplastic moldings and die-cast construction, providing the strongest and most durable material for demanding applications.
Smooth Camera Movement
Tripod rigidity is a vital factor in achieving smooth camera movement and first class picture quality. The Vision range of tripods are unique in giving maximum torsional rigidity throughout the height range by combining a “perfect” triangular structure with the most innovative design features.
Pozi-Loc Leg Clamps
The new Pozi-Loc is Vinten s innovative cam-operated clamping system, ensures tripod reliability and safety and its positive action shows clearly when the tripod is locked.
150mm / 6″ bowl base
Double extension design
Maximum height of 63.0-inch
Supports up to 99.2 lb.
Spring Loaded Transport Clip, keeps the legs together while in transport
3341-3 Soft Tripod Cases
The Vinten 3341-3 Soft Tripod Case is a padded tripod bag made to carry a Vinten Vision 250 + EFP tripod system. It has interior and exterior pockets for documents and tripod accessories. It has multiple handles and a padded adjustable shoulder strap.

Durable weather-resistant soft padded tripod bag.
Polycarbonate rigid board with 5mm foam offers all-around cushioning combined with rigid support.
Double extra-large zip fobs and full length zip for ease of access.
Large clear external pocket for document storage
Fully zipped internal pockets for storage of pan bars, camera plates and other accessories
Touch fastener pocket for operation guides.
Captive basic head balance instructions.
Carrying options;
Pair of handles with a touch fastener comfort grip wrap positioned to balance the system.
Lightly padded handle at each end.
Adjustable shoulder strap with non-slip positional pad
Compatible with;
Vinten Vision 250 + EFP tripod systems
3219-91 Telescopic Pan Bar with Clamp (Black)