Vinten Vision 10AS Tripod System- USED



  • Vision 10AS Head
  • 1 Pan Arm
  • Vinten Dual Stage Legs
  • Vinten V3955 Dolly


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The Vinten Vision 10AS is a modern fluid head for shoulder-mount camcorders. It supports cameras and accessories from 14.3 to 37.5 pounds. This 100mm ball base fluid head offers illuminated level, a sideload system for attachment and LF drag control for a professional Vinten feel.

Black Color

The Vision 10AS offers a modern black color for those who want to change from Vinten’s traditional white equipment.



Perfect balance can be achieved with the 10AS because of an infinitely adjustable counterbalance.


Bubble Level

The blue illuminated bubble level is asthetically pleasing and easy to see in many lighting situations.


Drag Control

LF Drag controls are numerically calibrated and feature the smooth, professional feel Vinten users come to expect.
The Vinten Vision 10AS System consists of a Vinten 10AS fluid head, a set of 100mm flowtech carbon fiber legs, a carrying handle, and a soft case. The system supports cameras weighing between 14.7 and 37.5 pounds. The Vision 10AS head features continuous— not stepped— counterbalance for precise adjustments and smooth operation. The sideload system provides a sliding plate for fine-tuning the balance of your camera on the head while allowing for quick mounting and dismounting of the camera plate.