3 Vinten Vector 90 Fluid Heads on Osprey Elite Pedestals- USED


Vinten Vector 90 Fluid Heads on Osprey Elite Pedestals

Price is reflective of all three heads and pedestals. 

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Vinten Vector 90 Fluid Heads on Osprey Elite Pedestals

This listing is for 3 Vinten Osprey Elite OB/Studio Pedestals.  They each have a Vinten Vector 90 head.  Each pedestal will come with 2 handles and a wedge plate.  They are all used in good working condition. They were recently removed from a professional working facility.  Wheels and locks are all good.

The Vinten Vector 90 pan/tilt head supports oversized camera payloads up to 198.4 lbs (90.0 kg) with perfect sinusoidal counterbalance. Once balanced, heavy cameras, such as the IMAX IW5A with a 2500′ magazine, may controlled with the fingertips and move with fluid-like ease thanks, to the Lubricated Friction (LF) drag control system.

True caliper disk brakes arrest movement during operation, and the center lock button firmly fixes the head in a horizontal position for safely mounting and dismounting camera payloads. Operation is assisted with the brightly illuminated rear-facing status LCD and bubble level, and dual pan arm rosettes allow left- or two-handed configurations

Perfect CounterbalanceThe Vector 90 achieves perfect counterbalance by means of continuously-variable spring mechanism. This allows the head to tilt through the full range of -90 to +90° in perfect balance, eliminating a considerable amount of physical effort required by the operator. Since the camera is perfectly balanced, it can be left at any angle – totally hands free – without having to engage the tilt brake.

Lubricated Friction (LF)The Lubricated Friction (LF) drag system provides temperature-resistant continuously adjustable fluid-like drag. In addition, it has the advantage allowing the operator to execute whip pans, then return to normal operational drag levels without adjustment.

Illuminated Bubble Level Built-in illuminated bubble level facilitates efficient leveling even under unfavorable lighting conditions.
Caliper Disk Brakes To efficiently and reliably arrest pan and tilt movement, the Vector 70 employs true caliper disk brakes which, for safety purposes, are on by default, requiring operator action to release.

The award-winning Vinten Osprey Elite OB 2-Stage Steering Pedestal is a high performance, lightweight pedestal capable of handling a wide range of digital and portable cameras. The pedestal provides extensive on-shot movement capability with full crab and steer functionality. The Osprey Elite’s special folding design makes it easy to transport. Designed with field shooting in mind, the Osprey Elite OB (outside broadcast) comes fitted with large 6.3″ wheels.

Eliminating the need to concentrate on camera balance allows the camera operator to focus entirely on framing. Vinten’s standard of high quality pedestals for both sound stages and on-location shoots, along with their design innovation ensure the perfect shot every time.

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