Vinten Vector 750 with 2 Arms and Case- USED


Head Includes:

  • Star Case
  • 2 Arms, 1 Extension
  • Wedge Plate
  • Mitchell Mount
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The Vinten Vector 750 Heavy-Duty Fluid Head offers a payload capacity of 165 lb and a center-of-gravity height range of 3 to 10″, enabling you to mount a greater range of accessories to the head along with your camera. The durable Vector 750’s mechanically linked counterbalance system forgoes the use of springs or cams, offering quick and easy adjustments when reconfiguring your camera rig.

Designed for professional use, this heavy-duty head features thin film (TF) pan and tilt drag assemblies, and Vinton’s infinitely adjustable Perfect Balance system. Thin film technology offers continuous adjustment over a wide range of drag and the ability to whip-pan without manually reducing the drag level. Perfect Balance is infinitely adjustable, generating the precise torque level needed to counterbalance the camera throughout the head’s tilt range.

Additional pro-style features include a center tilt-axis lock, a built-in carrying handle, a balance plate with 13″ of adjustment, and a switch-operated illuminated bubble-level. Pan and tilt brakes are located at the rear of the head for convenient operating, with drag controls on the left and counterbalance controls on the right of the head.

The Vinten Vector 750 head comes with a wedge adapter and one telescoping pan bar handle. This four-bolt base head may be adapted with a separately available Mitchell base. A camera wedge plate is not included and may be ordered separately, as can a second telescoping, fixed, or short pan handle.