Vinten Vector 700 Head with Two Handles- USED

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  • 2 Arms w/ 1 Extension
  • Wedge Plate
  • Mitchell Mount
  • Black
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Vinten Vector 700

The Vector 700 Studio/OB Pan & Tilt Head, with its Thin Film (TF) drag system, provides the camera user with a number of unique benefits. The TF drag system is a calibrated “non-contacting” system ensuring constant drag and consistent performance over an extended temperature range from -40°F to +140°F.
Capable of a payload up to 154.4 lb, the Vector 700 offers a tailored drag characteristic which combines a high level of control at the start of movement, a seamless transition into whip pan, and instant recovery to the original drag setting at the finish of movement. Incorporating its unique patented counterbalance system, the Vector 700 needs no time consuming cam changes to provide up to 120° of perfectly balanced tilt range for the latest Digital Studio & OB cameras with long lens or teleprompter. The Vector 700 is supplied with one telescopic pan bar and a wedge adapter, which will accept a standard camera wedge.

Perfect Balance

The Vector 700 pan & tilt head achieves the Perfect Counter Balance by means of an innovative and patented infinitely-variable spring mechanism. This allows the head to tilt through the full range of ±60° in perfect balance, eliminating a considerable amount of physical effort required by the operator to control the tilting action. Since the camera is perfectly balanced, it can be left at any angle – totally hands free – without having to lock the tilt brake. The variable counterbalance mechanism allows it to be used with a variety of Studio and OB cameras with long lenses or teleprompter combinations.

TF (Thin Film) Drag Control

The Vector 700 uses the Vinten TF (Thin Film) damping system, to provide consistent drag and constant performance in demanding conditions from -40°F to +140°F. The TF system offers total control, for precise movement and excellent camera control during the critical slow start-up of your shot. Providing seamless transition into Whip Pan and instant recovery to the original drag setting at the finish of the movement. The drag knobs are detented to give a dial in “feel” and prevent any backdriving during operation.

Control Brakes

Effective rear control brakes, positioned in the rear of head, where the operator can easily reach them to engage or release. To effectively lock the head the way you want to have it positioned.
Positive latching lock, for safe transport and setup
Built-in illuminated bubble for horizontal leveling, ensuring easy leveling even under unfavorable lighting conditions.
Integral soft grip carrying handle
Load capacity of 154.4 lb