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Vinten Terns

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Vinten Terns
With heads
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The Vinten Type 3741 ‘TERN’ Pneumatic Pedestal (Fig 1.1) has been designed for studio use with a wide range of portable and intermediate colour television cameras. The camera is mounted on a pan and tilt head fitted to the single-stage telescopic column. Counterbalance is provided by a pneumatic system built into
the lower part of the pedestal. The pedestal comprises two major assemblies, namely the single-stage column and the base. The single-stage column assembly consists of a telescopic column and a weight-tray assembly. A steering ring is carried on rollers fixed to the weight tray and is connected by a vertical shaft to the steering mechanism in the base. The base assembly incorporates the pressure tank, the pneumatic ram and the steering mechanism. The pressure gauge, safety valve and filler valve for the pneumatic system are mounted on the top face of the tank. The base is carried on three pairs of steerable rubber tyred wheels. This arrangement ensures maximum stability in all modes of operation within the capacity of the pedestal. Each pair of wheels is fitted with an adjustable cable guard. Steering may be selected to either steer mode or crab mode by a single control. The top surface of the base carries a cable clamp and stowage for column counterbalance trim weights.

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