Vinten Quartz One, Single Stage Studio Pedestal


Optional Heads Available

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The Quartz One is part of the new range of studio pedestals designed for the latest full-facility digital cameras. Particularly suitable for news and studio productions, the single-stage column is capable of supporting a maximum payload of 95 kg (209 lb).

The Quartz One pedestal is a single-stage pedestal with a maximum capacity of 95 kg / 209.5 lbs. It can accommodate a wide range of camera, lens and teleprompter combinations, making it particularly suitable for studio productions.

The Quartz design offers precise crab and steer control from a central steering ring, together with the ability to accelerate smoothly and rapidly; enabling easy repositioning even in the tightest of sets. The design of the base offers maximum stability, a single foot brake gives extra control at all times, and the fully skirted base incorporates a cable guard system that is simply adjusted by three external knobs.

The Quartz One incorporates a fully-skirted base with an innovative cable guard system, easily adjusted by three external knobs. The design of the base offers maximum stability and rigidity, while the precise steering allows rapid repositioning, even in the tightest of sets

  • 95 kg (209 lbs) capacity
  • Parking brake
  • Integral cable guard
  • Low pressure pneumatic system

The Vinten Quartz One 3825-3 is a pedestal support for studio applications. The Quartz pedestals move smoothly and offer good height range while featuring an ascetically pleasing fully skirted base.

Cable Guard
An integral cable guard allows the user free movement without worries about cable entanglement
Extensive Height Range
The Quartz One offers a 20″ height range in a one stage pedestal
Detachable Steering Ring
A removable steering ring allows the user to work with the studio head for steering
Skirted Base
A fully skirted base offers an aesthetically pleasing look while offering excellent functionality.
Load Capacity 209.5 lbs
Trim Ring 7.5 lbs
Bowl Diameter/Thread Flat Mitchell Type Base
Steering Ring Diameter 25″
Folded/Transport Length Not Specified by Manufacturer
Minimum Height 28″
Maximum Height 48″
Weight 180.8 lbs
Stages One
On-Shot Stroke 20″
Doorway Tracking Width 42″
Transit Doorway Width 31″
Narrow Doorway Width Not Specified by Manufacturer
Wheel Diameter 5″
Wheel Lock Yes
Cable Guards Yes

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