Vinten ProPeds Pedestals- USED


Vinten ProPeds Pedestals

  • Two Available
  • Very Good Condition
  • Vinten 250 Heads Available for Additional Cost
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Vinten ProPeds Pedestals

The Pro-Ped lightweight pedestal can be used for both studio and OB applications. Designed to be stable and robust, the lower stage of the two-stage system is balance assisted to give simple elevation whilst the upper stage provides Perfect Balance and on-shot movement. A built in pump makes counterbalance simple.

For studio use the dolly base is supplied with 12.5 cm/ 5 “”wheels with track locks and cable guards. The OB version has 15 cm/ 6 “”wheels, providing greater ground clearance.

  • Lightweight two-stage pedestals
  • Built in pump for easy counterbalance
  • Easy to transport

The Pro-Ped pedestal comprises a central two-stage telescopic column and a skid assembly with castoring wheels. For transport and storage, the column and skid may be separated and the skid folded. The top stage may be pressurized manually, using the self-contained pump, or from an external pressure source. Balance is achieved with approximately 1.5 bar pressure for every 10 kg of load (10 psi for every 10 lb). Trim weights are provided for fine balance. The skid comprises a centre casting with carrying handle, a fixed leg and two folding legs. Each
leg carries a braked castoring wheel and a foot support with strap to secure the column leg. Two versions of the skid are available. The OB skid has 150 mm (6 in.) wheels. The studio
skid has 125 mm (5 in.) wheels with cable guards and track locks which provide castor, track or steer movement of the pedestal.

The wheels on the studio version of the skid can be locked in the straight-ahead position or set to castor freely. The castor/lock changeover is effected by spring-loaded track lock pins on each wheel assembly. The pins on the folding legs have black knobs and the pin on the fixed leg has a red knob. To engage or disengage a pin, pull it up against the spring and turn through 90°. The pin will only engage with the wheel when the wheel is properly aligned. This arrangement provides castor, track and steer motion.